Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why we love Batman

The most human and flawed of all the superheros known, the one who struggles who resists himself from killing someone although it might be the most rational thing to do, he saves people but has the urge to hurt them as well, the one who constantly suffers from the conflict between his goodness, his ethics, his morals and his anger, one wrong step one wrong move and hes the long standing face to prankish mayhem. Yes were talking about none other than Batman and how hes the best superhero among all the other know. Here are 6 of the many reasons that make him the best superhero read on and youll know. GOOO BATMAN!!!!

1. Hes just as human as we are

Hes not from krypton, has not been bitten by some radioactive unknown spider species or has not been sent from the sky to save us like Thor hes worked hard to reach he pinnacle of his potential and thats what makes him exclusively relatable and if he were to suffer from some incurable disease or slipped from a staircase of significant height hed die just like any of us. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.
 So the next time someone tells you, you cant do that  just reply Im batman” :P

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Choice

A fifteen day  old girl infant, found dead,  on the far side  of hospital bushes in despicable state. That unnamed , daughter of someone did not get any CHOICE to live!

Namrata , was wretched  to have any CHOICE to get raped or not.!!

Shabana , youngest of her brothers, was not given  any CHOICE to study further.!

Thousands of women , are getting NO CHOICES  when  they get  harassed  mentally and physically in buses, public places , offices and even in their  homes .Then what choices are  you talking about Miss I-will-bring-revolution queen  ooops !Deepika  Padukone!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Net Neutrality :- A serious issue

Net neutrality- People Vs Service providers
Technology is a wonderful thing but we are seldom comfortable with the tech lingo that is used. NET NEUTRALITY! The air smells of this term, the social media sites are flooded with the posts related to this, the news channels are also broadcasting about this. But how many of us really know what this actually means? In fact, even if we know, we do not completely understand the implications of this. Or do we?


Heard about “Open Internet”? Well, yes, Net neutrality is just an alias for open internet. Open Internet stands for the same speeds for data exchange for everyone on the internet. Every system is treated equally and given the same preference as everyone else on the internet. It is like standing in a queue waiting for your turn. Now, let’s move on to US. Comcast and Verizon are the leading ISPs (Internet Service Provider) of the US. They have introduced a bill in the US parliament for breaking the internet into two parts- fast lane and slow lane, which means those websites that are willing to pay extra for high speed internet will transmit data on high speed servers while all the others will be left in the cold on the slow servers.
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