Our first baby - Nazaqat - Now available HERE

Our second book - Time's Lost Atlas - a very unique project where there are 11 authors have come together to give you the journey of a lifetime through their stories as they will take you in the last decade.
While one story mesmerizes you, the others surprise you, thrill you, get you on the edge of your seat enabling a free ticket to the time travel !
2001-2010, one of the most prominent decades, marks several historic milestones leaving mixed emotions in human kind. It witnessed collapsing of brilliant architectural buildings taking down brilliant minds with them, death of several innocents while a riot took charge, assassination of prominent global personality, the rising of a nation, controversial arrest, remarkable opening and closing ceremonies, death of a brave woman who dreamt of reaching the moon and the stars while young, shocking bankruptcy filed and reminded us that the most important element which started life on this planet, can also take back what it created. 
We invite you to be a part of this journey and make it more exciting!
P.S:  You can stay updated on it by liking it's page Time's Lost Atlas and pre-order it HERE

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