Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Voices of a Common Man


A common man actually represents the nation. He may not be a connoisseur of politics or economics but it is the common man that makes the nation. No king or government can afford to eschew the voices of a common. History speaks it aloud that whenever the voices of a common man have been left unheard it has brought detrimental consequences. As the famous Latin maxim says, “Vox populi, vox Dei” which means that the voice of the people is the voice of the God. It is the common man who brings glory to the nation; it is the common man who works in the fields. The contributions of a common man to the nation are numerous and immense.

A common man has certain desires and needs. He knows that if the nation belongs to him, he also belongs to the nation. He needs security, he needs money, he needs proper diet/food, and he wants fair politics and a supportive government. Albeit, things cannot be flawless but we can surely make endeavors to mitigate the flaws in the system. Here we try to list a few items that came out of a common man’s voices

Proper Health Facilities- There is no doubt that health is wealth and a country’s overall growth and development heavily hinges upon the health of the citizens. In a country like India where there is a huge gulf between the people belonging to the higher stratum of the society and those belonging to the lower stratum, keeping overall health of the nation on the higher side becomes a bit tough! 

A huge percentage of the nation’s population suffers from poverty, malnutrition et al. It is really sad and weird to see ample food being wasted in a lavish party and on the other hand people starving because of hunger. It would be really good if people start managing things properly and stop wastage of food. The government must come forward to ensure better health facilities in hospitals across the nation. Special funds must be raised for hospitals in remote areas and villages. Camps must be organized in villages to help people understand the cardinal importance of health in their lives. There are a lot of superstitions that hamper health development; efforts must be made to make people understand the difference between fiction and facts.

Fair Elections and Government- Although, being corrupt is the latest norm these days but efforts must be made to mitigate if not eliminate corruption. The nation and its people should unite to have fair elections. We must strive to vote on the basis of development and corruption issues instead of voting on the basis of caste, creed, religion and race. Most people these days vote against somebody rather than for somebody.

National Security and Harmony- A common man wants harmony around him and in the nation. We want people belonging to different religions and communities to live peacefully together. We all are born in the same land, raised in the same culture, we went to the same school; and then what instigates us to draw blood and fight?? We want national security as well, security from foreign powers which strive to attack and hurt us.

Balance between work and recreation- We want a balance to be maintained between work and recreation. Man is not a machine and recreation should be an integral part of the working system as well! As they say, “Eight hours work, eight hours sleep and eight hours recreation”. Furthermore, creative freedom must be given.

The list can go long! But again the higher authorities or the government will have to listen to the voices of a common man, sooner or later- Vox populi, vox Dei.

Rohan Kalia 

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