Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Why would you read Time's Lost Atlas


A book is a lot more than just a book. Everyone has his perceptions and his choice of books. Your choice of books reveals a lot about your personality and taste. The books which you find at the Kashmiri Gate ISBT are targeted for a specific audience and those kept in a lavish coffee shop in Connaught Place are targeted for a thoroughly different set of audience. So, it is pretty difficult to give a set of reasons for a choosing a particular book. Everyone has his own reasons! Still, we tried figuring out a few of them.

The awesome Green Cover- Pick up a copy of Times Lost Atlas and you are on your go-green mission! I know we can’t judge a book by its cover, but what first attracts most of us is the physical, whether it is books or people.

Virtual Time Machine- I usually come across people saying, “Aah, I wish I had a time machine”. Here is your chance to grab one and go back the memory lane! Times Lost Atlas takes you back with time and you feel like sitting in a time machine.

Multiple Authors- Since there are multiple authors contributing to the book; you get a variety at your disposal. This gives you a chance to experience different stories, perceptions and ideas all packed in a single entity.

Chance to learn history- The book covers stories from different time domains and thus it is a little piece of history. You get a chance to learn about the history of the World via Times Lost Atlas.

Travel through different geographical locations- Times Lost Atlas gives you a chance to travel through different geographical locations as stories occurring at different places are covered in the book.

Our debut Book- Another reason is that it’s our debut book. Half Baked Beans has been trying to give a platform to all the aspiring readers across the globe. Join our hands in this creative deed.

Worth your money- The cost of the book is pretty modest. Trust us; every penny that you spend on the book is justified. Furthermore, you get a chance to read so many writers in one shot. And Yeah, money spent on books is money well spent- always!

Memorabilia- Since it is our first book, it is a memorabilia for you guys as well! Grab a copy of Times Lost Atlas and you can brag about having the first book that Half Baked Beans published!

High Quality printing work- Well, they say no one is flawless. But we have tried our best to ensure high quality printing work. So, you can enjoy reading without any sort of obstacles.

Better than watching a movie this season- Times Lost Atlas is definitely a better choice than watching a bollywood movie this season. This hasn’t been the best of seasons as far as bollywood movies are concerned. And yes we can vouch that buying a copy of Times Lost Atlas is more judicious use of money as well!

Because it’s a book- Yes, we wait for good books, don’t we? Here is a chance, so grab your copy today. Books are always special and you are never alone in the company of a book. So, shake hands with Times Lost Atlas!   

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  1. Thanks for the nice pitch. I will certainly buy this book. Hope it is available through Amazon.

    1. Thanks a lot. We are sure that you will like reading it too!

  2. i liked the collection of stories a lot.. it was a wholesome reading experience...

  3. Thanks a lot Pratikshya for a wonderful review!

  4. Thanks a lot, Pratikshya! We hope to deliver more quality reading to you! :D


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