Sunday, 30 March 2014

5 beautiful things about literature


Every literature freak often wonders what is there about literature that they love so much. The strange craving for books and the creative urge to write something in the middle of the night, they are all relatable among literature lovers. I have here tried to sum up the reasons what makes literature so tempting, beautiful, unavoidable and special -

Somewhere I came across - “I will read. I will read on a boat. I will read with a goat. I will read on a train. I will read in the rain. I will read on a fox. I will read in a box. I will read with a mouse. I will read in a house. I will read here and there. I will read everywhere”.
Literature can be carried no matter where we go. It is handy and portable. It remains with us no matter what. This is a unique quality that literature as an art has. An artist does carry his art where ever he goes while others may not be able to carry that with them. Literature is above this. Moreover, literature is apparently as extensive as nothing else. My father says, literature is so vast that one can read something or the other everyday of his life.  

Communication is essential for each and every activity of life and Language is the soul of communication. Also, language is the heart of literature. Our emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions, and everything else could be expressed by either writing, speaking, or in any way conveying it to our fellow beings, which is possible only when we have a code - language. Language is of far too deep importance than we could express. Literature being the body of language can be challengingly established as the best medium of expression and communication. The beauty of alphabets, words, phrases and sentences is unmatched. Literature is clear, subtle, easy, modifiable, flexible, accurate and self- sufficient. Without books and papers, pen and ink, nothing can be communicated precisely, extensively and perfectly, can it?

Literature being an art form itself reveals a lot of beauty. As a matter of fact literature is an art and hence beautiful. As someone said, “The Earth without Art is Just Ehh”. Art minus life is tasteless, baseless and lifeless. Can you imagine a world without art? A world where you wake up in the morning and there is no art? What do you think it will be? It is painful even to imagine something like that. Literature is an inevitable part of art which is an inevitable part of life. Every art form is pleasing, unique and beautiful and so literature too is. Art gives one peace of mind and a sense of stability. Pablo Picasso said “Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life”.

 Literature is a replica of life. It is a slice of life. It is a mirror to life. As already said, every individual absorbs from a piece of literature what he has personally undergone and what his viewpoints are, it is therefore that literature is a reflection of life. Say, you read a novel, in it there will be some character or event or theme that you will be able to relate with. As a rule of the universe, one human being can always find himself in another and literature does exactly that. It creates for us a frame to enter where we can find something/someone like us, a segment of our thoughts or nuance of our personality or reminiscence to our life.

One of the most intriguing and distinct thing about literature is that every person who reads a text can have a personal interpretation of it and every interpretation is true, right and justifiable. Each person is free to select what they feel about anything they read. What we read, we relate to it based on our own experiences and thought processes. And as each individual has a unique experience and perspective, everybody’s interpretation moves on different lines of thought. One may or may not relate to a text, may or may not like it, may or may not understand its essence. It all depends on personal thoughts and reasoning. While every piece of literature is open for individual interpretation it is thus undeniable that each reader’s view is correct and justified. This is a quality that other art forms may lack and certainly no other subject contains consequently being the most beautiful thing about literature.



  1. Awesome article!!!! Thumbs up for this piece!

  2. Hi ojaswini. Some very deep points there. A very unique article


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