Sunday, 16 March 2014

Marriages are made in heaven

Whaatttt??!  It’s 7 a.m. already?! I can’t believe I slept so much!’

Rashmi looked at the snooze clock and woke up with a start.  Rishi will be back from his jog anytime now! ‘Oh God, I am late!’

She slipped into her fur sandals and ran to the bathroom while running a continuous mind-check! Brush my teeth.. scrub my face  .. take a quick bath. Aannd.. done! She was used to getting done up quickly. And more so when she had little time! If looks could kill, so could she! 

They had had a bad fight the night before. Rishi had said he had had enough. And Rashmi’s pillow was a bed of hot, angry tears that night. Probably this was the reason she was not woken up with a kiss on the forehead. But then she had no time for regret this morning. It was the perfect timing. It was her now or never. Her brain was working overtime and her heartbeat was building up with every second the clock was ticking away. 'Will I be able to pull it off?' She took a deep breath and brushed that self doubting monologue aside. 'Later, you little distracting voices!', she muttered under her breath and rushed through the entire house to close all the windows she knew of. Kind of banished the sunlight. Shut out the morning rays. And then dashed to the living room. To put on the radio! The house was not quiet anymore. She smiled to herself and softly sank into the sofa, crossing her legs, waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. The plan was in place.

The house gate creaked open. Rishi had come back. Her heart was beating wildly. Time for action! When he stepped in, he was surprised to find the house all dark! Just then, the lamp by the side of the living room sofa lit up and he was serenaded to the lyrics .. ‘Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye, tum dena saath mera.. ’  with Rashmi holding both her ears with her hands and saying ‘Sorry!’ , her warm smile radiating more light than that of the decorative lamp, melting away Rishi’s heart once again!

A Happy marriage is the one where you keep falling in love. Always with the same person. Rishi had learnt his lesson.
Indeed, Marriages are ‘made’ in heaven. Marriages are work. And just like every nugget of worldly wisdom can be broken down to fit into a list of ten perfect points, so here it goes!

1.       Accept having married a human by mistake and not a fairy tale PC (Prince Charming)!
2.       Court them!
3.       Always look at the brighter side!
4.       Believe in their dreams too!
5.       Be a Team!
6.       Surprises!
7.       Embrace imperfection!
8.       Forgive! Really let go. Ego kills.
9.       Really stick through the bad.
10.   Love them. Don’t Judge them. That feels bad!



  1. Replies
    1. I read your poem on love and commitment and it was very beautiful indeed... Cheers! :)

  2. Thanks Sonali. This article was quite heartfelt :)

  3. End main hamesha husbnd ko hi lesson lena parta hai na :p

  4. hahaaha.. pareshan patiyon k patra... :-P

  5. seems there is story behind the 'story'....getting better n better with every word you write...keep writing...

  6. thankee... such encouragement is always needed... :-)


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