Friday, 21 March 2014


What I am espousing here is a complete personal belief from personal experiences. Let’s do one thing before we move any further. Let’s have an open mind and agree to disagree ( if required).

Firstly, I am in love with Fray because I am listening to this band right now and trust me, all these realizations, stipulations and those awaited understandings which I was trying to find since so long, you know those consolations you give yourself at the end of every situation-gone-wrong or ‘the moral of the story’ you try to find, coupled with Fray’s music is making my life right now a complete A-rated sitcom’s episode.
Here are few stipulations. My motive is to put my foot down here and say- Believe in these things because I think once in a while they are TRUE and applicable!

1)    In one of those conversations where me and my other philosophical friend share our “ Realization of the Day” ( Really! We are those kinds of people who think a lot, in-fact, over think not because we are habitual of it but we actually enjoying thinking. I guess, life becomes more interesting and our absurdist being is lessened by the baggage after giving a closure to any problem.) she shared this idea which when I mulled over during my free time ended up close to the optimistic mantra “ All is Well”.

She said that sometimes she feels like she is in her past right now as if she is time travelling and whatever she is going through is objective because she has to travel all of it. So, she has already reached her destination but is just wandering in her past ( which is her present right now). Then she said, “That is why people say, ‘ It will pass’. Because everything is past.”  Yes, in a nut shell, it’s the theory of predestination and everything being written.

But think about it, if only you could believe that so what there is this grave deep pit I am stuck inside, so what life is being mean to me right now, so what I am at an impasse or in a tunnel without any end or solutions? So what? Because somewhere my destination is already  fixed. Infact, I have already reached my destination. So whatever I decide or how awry the situations become, I will come out of it because I am just time travelling and in some alternate universe , I am chilling in peace!

It’s the hope, that tiniest bit of hope that our cynical mind seems to lose everytime we find ourselves in the sourest pickle is worth driving from this ‘theory’. We can take this idea to whole level of pessimism but why should we? If we can work it out for our benefit. So, everytime you think there’s no way out, you think after so many efforts nothing is happening or having done nothing things  have gone wrong on their own, BELIEVE it has happened before and your ride maybe bumpy but the ticket is already bought and the destination is fixed. It is impossible to get lost! In the end everything going to be all right.

2)    How romantic the movie “ HUM TUM” was? The idea that two people keep on meeting each other without realizing that actually they are made for each other. For me, it’s the best kind of romantic movie. Deep connection among two souls like “ Sleepless in Seattle”. A deep connection via Radio!

           I am that kind of romantic girl. Infact, my best fantasy is to find a         person    from past. You know, so that I can call him “ The ONE”. Maybe, because it becomes easier for me to trust that person for I have already known him. Or maybe, it could be the right kind of ‘sign’ ( Yes, I believe in semantics too).

So, here I was, always trying to find nexus between my past and my present. What could have happened if I was like this with him? Was there anything with him? Maybe this guy was made for me? Was it my fault? Was it my nature or my looks?

3)    You are going to meet a lot of people. A lot! At twenty, we might feel like the people we are with right now, are the people we are going to be stuck with forever. But no! If you are a girl, there are going to be guys who will keep on coming in your life. The horde won’t just stop. Who is going to stay is another thing. But people are not limited. We cannot be disappointed that ‘this is it’. (Same for the boys)

It is as if there’s this person you are interested in and it somehow in a peculiar mysterious way gets messed up. Now, we can blame it on him or on us or on universe or mull over it as much as we want. The deal is he has to go! For him to come back! He comes back , then the real story starts and if he disappears then dude, you are one special person. Only special people have someone special waiting for them. Haven’t you read these novels? Two people meet then, everything starts all in bright sunshine with rosy gardens or long drives. Then suddenly, there’s a fight or revelation that breaks them apart. 

The crux of all is- Just keep moving forward. One, you have a great destined point which is set according to you and your ambitions, second, the people who don’t fit in with you or don’t stay are minute dots in the canvass of your great life and third, don’t be afraid if it doesn’t work out because it is imperative to lose before finding it again. Keep on losing because you have to find the Special One!


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