Thursday, 20 March 2014

The do's and dont's

Prerna was flipping through her elder brother’s magazine while she waited for him; it was the only magazine with cute guys on the cover. ‘Ask Men’, the title seemed appropriate, for she had innumerable questions to ask to men. She was about to keep down the magazine when she found an article titled ‘Do I? Or Don’t I?’ this caught her interest and she turned the pages to open the article.

Marriage is a huge step, a step which simultaneously changes two people and everything that is around them and one can never know for sure if he or she is ready to get married. So why one should get married? Here are 5 reasons to tie the knot.

05. Marriage makes you live longer
One of the ways that getting married improves your life is by making it last longer. Various studies have indicated that happily married men tend to outlast their single counterparts.

04. Marriage increases your earning power
Being married means sharing expenses and splitting the costs of major purchases. Marriage means you can afford the things you could never afford on your own; it means a better home, a better car, a better vacation, and cooler stuff.

03. Marriage gives you a chance to have kids
OK, so technically you don't need to be married to have a family, but marriage is still the standard method for starting a family. It’s a secure environment to bring up kids and being a parent is a joy we all want to experience.

02. Marriage means more sex
Married men have more sex than single men do. It's a fact -- supported by study after study. So, while single guys are out at the clubs, spending their paychecks just to get a girl's attention, married men are home having sex with their wives.

01. Marriage makes you a better person
If you're a smart guy, you'll choose to be with a woman who is insightful, opinionated and honest. That's the kind of companion who can make you a better person. She can bring out the best in you. She can challenge you to be the best version of yourself. On top of that, through marriage you'll learn the true meaning of self-sacrifice and compromise. In short, marriage will make you a Better Man.

Every coin has two sides and every side tells a different story. For those who need someone to tell them that marriages do not work. Here are 5 reasons to stay single and not tie the knot.

05. She will let herself go
So after marriage, the girl you met at the gym will be hitting the kitchen more that the gym and her daily one hour of exercise will reduce to one hour housework. And when the inches pile up, no complaints.

04. End of spontaneity
Married people have a diluted and compromised idea of spontaneity. They have spontaneous ideas that then involve months of planning, calendar juggling and last minute cancellations that become “we will do that soon.” They’d love to hop a flight for a weekend trip to Vegas, but that money would be better spent on the bills or putting money into buying a bigger house.

03. Constant Compromise
Compromise isn’t just associated with small decisions. You’re going to have to come to an agreement on where you live, where your money goes and a million other choices you make just to make her happy.

02. End of taking risks
Marriage means you’re keeping the best interests of two people in mind during every decision. Sure, it might keep you from making the leap into some pretty dumb moves, but it might also hold you back from pulling the trigger on an idea that will make your life better forever.

01. Marriage is forever
 Think about the person you were a few years ago. Now think back a few years before that, and consider how different it seems from life now. Now ponder the person you will be 10 years from now; you’re likely slightly similar but with many new tastes, feelings, emotions, and at a much different place in life. Is it really possible to think, or want, another human to come along for that crazy ride? No more risks, no more weekend trips to anywhere and all that compromise, money wasted and lack of sex for the rest of your days on earth. Until death do you part. You may now kiss the bride. Hopefully it’s “goodbye.”

Now you know what it is about so do you? Or don’t you?

Prerna gave the article a long hard thought and she though of her and John’s marriage. They had been married for 10 years and it still seemed like they are in the prime of their marriage. He knew her, she knew him and that was enough for them. They respected and trusted each other more that they trusted themselves. So was it inevitable what was written in the article? Maybe it’s possible that John missed his life as a single man. So Prerna did what she was best at doing, surprising John.

That evening Prerna went to pick up John from the firm and took him to his favorite bar, where his friends were waiting for him. She pushed him and said “Go ahead babe! Have fun.” And she left for their apartment. About 4 blocks from the bar, finally when she reached her apartment she found it decorated with candles and flowers. It looked so pretty. On the dinning table there was an elaborate setting with two wine glasses, her favorite merlot and strawberries with cream and a note that read –

To the one without whom I would have been incomplete.
A tiny teardrop formed in those beautiful eyes of her as she stood there in their apartment and soaked it in. she closed her eyes and recalled how they met at a film premier and besides their age differences, they worked out perfectly, as these thoughts clouded her mind, a gentle hand brushed the tear away and held her.

 Prerna turned around and fell in a deep hug in John’s big arms; she knew there was nothing she had to worry about. Their love was here to stay.
Prerna asked John why he left the bar, john calmly replied-

Because marriages are made in heaven and without you the bar seemed like hell.

Prerna picked up her purse and they went back to the bar and later that night they finished the merlot, and the strawberries and any doubt that she had about being an old boring couple.
For the magic never dies and marriages are made in heaven.


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