Monday, 24 March 2014

The rise of Reality TV

The year 2013 is gone by. We have already witnessed the award season of Bollywood and we have witnessed the rise of singers in the gone by year. Ask any random chick about her favorite song from 2013 and she will flit between ‘Tum Hi Ho’ or ‘Sanwar Loon’; if you can decipher the hidden meaning then you have witnessed the rise of reality shows in India.

Arijit Singh the Filmfare recipient for the best male singer 2013 was once a reality TV show contestant. Monali Thakur the cute bubbly girl who is ready to make her debut in Bollywood and the recipient of best female singer Filmfare 2013 was once a contestant of Indian Idol. Sreeram Chandra the man with the soothing voice who sang the song ‘Subhaanallah’ in the movie ‘Ye jawani Hai Diwani’ happens to be the winner of Indian Idol 5.

In recent past we have heard people bantering about ‘how fake these reality shows are’; we have even seen people cursing the creative team behind such shows, irrespective of the fame and employment they have awarded the contestants from the show with.

If you are a person with optimistic mind setup you are gonna agree with me, when I say that reality shows have changed the artistic world for betterment. We all have heard the quote ‘Every Artist Needs an Audience’ and with the advent of these innocuous reality shows this quote just got real. Every artist with a profound artiste irrespective of the town he comes from and undiluted by the creed he belongs to has received tantamount love and respect for his art.
If you are a person with an abominable mind setup then you will count onto the failures and trauma these reality shows have spread. There have been bad luck and people have faced criticism and depression but the primal reason behind those futile outcomes was the lack of creativity and the sheer absence of art of presentation.

In recent past India has seen an outburst in the field of reality television. Most of them are borrowed concepts and some of them are just the translated versions but till the time people are moving forward it is ok and as the quote goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’ like same change is not gonna come instantly, first people will copy, then experiment and finally one day they will innovate.

Till then Sit back, Relax and enjoy the Not-so original Reality Television.


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