Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Book Review: You Cant Fight A Royal Attraction by Ruchi Vasudeva

ISBN: 9789351060574

Publisher: Harlequins Mills and Boons

Price: Rs. 125/-


The last thing Rihaan needs in his life is to play a host to a woman who drives him crazy! Saira is gorgeous, yes, but she's also widly infuriating.

Yet every time she comes within an inch of him he finds his normally iron-clad control slipping further and further away...

Wanting to protect herself from more heartbreak, Saira knows she should keep her distance from Rihaan -but there's something about him she just can't seem to resist... Little does she know that Rihaan is hiding a secret!

When it comes to light will it tear them apart -or raise their passion to new, more majestic heights?


Saira is a strong headed girl, who fights against the autocracies of her in-laws and divorces her husband. The same man whom she had stolen from her sister. This had already given her the label of a home breaker. Added to that when she meets our handsome hero, Rihaan, she is drunk. Rihaan already has a wrong opinion about her, especially when he thinks that she is a selfish, spoilt brat who wants to ruin his friend and his wife's life.
His friend's wife being the same sister whose one former fianceSaira had stolen once. Saira different from the shy, needy girl, with the urgent need to be rescued by a macho man. Nor is she a feisty woman fighting, trying to rectify a quirkiness in our macho young man. She is introduced as a drunk, spoilt lady who does not care what the world thinks of her. I was hooked -lock, stock and barrel.
Never been introduced to a Mills & Boon by a drunk heroine before.:) Rehaan only wants to keep her away from his friend’s household, so that she cannot cause any mischief again. But what he had not foreseen was the disturbance she would create in his heart.
But both have a strong personality and they clash often. Would they be able to forget their differences and come together? The Rajasthani culture has been brought out very beautifully. The Romance is very vibrant, sparks fly often and the temperaturesrise enough every time the portages are on the same page.
This book has some beautiful moments. I loved that Saira has a shade of gray. I also loved the way a certain social issue of abuse was brought out and I LOVED the way Saira was depicted as a woman questioning the society's way of thinking regarding the action taken against the abuse. Kudos, Ruchi Vasudeva for bringing this social message across in a light romantic novel.


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