Thursday, 22 May 2014

That thing called Smile

This is it!', I said to myself, closing the books. It was one of those days when I felt terribly low. My semester end exams were going on and tomorrow was the subject that held the highest number of credits and here I was simply turning the pages of this 1kg book, my mind refused to take anymore of the shear stress and bending moment.

I had no idea about what to write as my first article for the blog and the deadline was smiling at me, a wicked smile.

I stood in the corridor tapping my foot, the lift took its usual 2 minutes to arrive. Leaving everything messed, I decided to take a walk down the street.

The watchman must have flashed his regular smile but today I ignored his yellow teeth, it was one of those days.
The street wasn't that crowded, unlike most of the days, the lights were dim and winds were moderate, just the way I loved it. I walked down the street turning back every alternate minute. A certain part in me wanted to go back home, study but the other part wanted to stay, stay and breathe. A shout finally came from inside, asking me to stand where I was and make up my mind.

I looked around, there were unknown faces, I knew no-one,
The Woman Buying Vegetable, she must be thinking about what her children would eat for dinner today along with being tensed about the budget that was provided to her by her husband.

The Guy Smoking, must be tired of his job, cursing his boss.
The Pani Puri Vendor,must be confused about what will he buy of the extra 200 bucks that he had earned today.
The Fat Couple walking hand in hand, must be planning about their future lives.
The Boy Standing at the Bus Stop, desperately trying to woo the tiny eyed girl standing next to him.
The Man on Activa, singing an old hindi movie song, that must be a stress-buster for him.
I looked around, there were unknown faces, I knew everyone, we were connected, we shared the same feelings. The feelings of struggle, of stress, of sorrow, of regrets, of running behind a future that was totally uncertain, of dying in the present. I walked back home.

I pressed the lift button on the ground floor, the lift was coming down from the 6th floor. It arrived with a middle-aged couple inside, with a girl standing behind them.

She gave me a smile, a smile that is hard to put into words. It showed a certain satisfaction, certain happiness, that curve, that face was totally opposite of the faces that i encountered on the street.
I smiled back, confused.

She made her way out of the lift, slowly, struggling to make steps forward. I noticed she had problems in her limbs, she couldn't walk properly, she had to take support of her aging father in order to make her way through the corridor, but all this did not take away even one percent of her charming face, of her flashing smile.
She had brought a genuine smile on my face, probably for the first time in the day.

A smile that makes me reach to the following conclusions in life, I call it my 'funda' of living-

There will be a day in our lives when we would be placed on a hospital bed, dying. Given our health, that day might well be just 30 years away! On that day, if we cry saying, 'I Wish I could have done this in my life...', that moment will take away all the pleasures and achievements from our 50 year old struggle to live.
Life is too short to cry over things. It is way too simple to get tensed, to complain, to complicate things. It is way too precious to live it the way we do not want to, to hate someone.
So if you are someone who isn't enjoying what he is doing, stop it right there, go on to do the things that make you happy!

If you are someone who loves dancing but do not dance, scared of embarrassment, just forget everything and be crazy, for you aren't living for someone else!
If you are a woman who wants to work but is stuck at home, break out and work, you weren't born to take care of a family and feed kids!

If you are a girl who is crushing on a very dear friend, go out and just tell him that, for boys are too dumb to understand such things! And boys, don't get offended, I am just making your life a hell lot easier!
Break out, Hang out, Click photos, fall in Love, eat unhealthy, go on road trips! SMILE! DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE!
So next time you see that pretty face in the mirror, make sure you give it your best smile! And I am sure that you will fall in love with yourself! :)



  1. Awesome n beautiful it is!! :)

    1. Yashluv Virwani22 May 2014 at 21:46

      Thank You Miss Anonymous! :)

  2. Too good!

  3. Wonderfully written! Enjoyed every bit! Love your writings!

    1. Yashluv Virwani22 May 2014 at 21:48

      Thank You! keep reading! :D

  4. Nice :)

  5. Man your descriptions are awesome!!!! for a guy who doesn't like to read stuff u are doing a fine job bro!

    1. Yashluv Virwani23 May 2014 at 12:45

      Thank you so much! :)

  6. Awsmest!!!!!!
    Meet bhatt

    1. Yashluv Virwani23 May 2014 at 12:46

      Thank you brother! :D

  7. wow...this is so inspiring! great article..

  8. Well written. A smile is a personality charmer

  9. Yashluv Virwani26 May 2014 at 14:57

    Thank you Vinay! :)

  10. & here is another wonderful writing of urs..!! though its first for the blog.. i have been reading ur stuff b4.. i had "that thing called smile" while reading this.. :)

    1. Yashluv Virwani27 May 2014 at 15:09

      Thank you Dhruvi! :) Hope to continue making you smile! :)

  11. & here is another wonderful writing of urs..!! though its first for the blog.. i have been reading ur stuff b4.. i had "that thing called smile" while reading this.. :)

  12. jabardaast hai jee :)

    Aayushi :)

  13. nic1..... fr d frst time... i read d blog n its urs!! :-)

  14. Yashluv Virwani2 June 2014 at 20:19

    Glad to know! Thank you! :)

  15. Nice 1 Yash... too gud.. simply great..
    yash bhaiya I can say today that there are too many great blog writers in our country.out of them one is u and others are all other blog writers.


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