Saturday, 10 May 2014

7 reasons to date a guy who drinks

The association of mankind with alcohol has been since time immemorial! In the words of William James- “The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour.” Alcohol lands you in a different zone altogether. Yes, you are then in one of those zones where you feel you have all the authorities to dictate things. 

This is pretty much apparent that alcohol exudes over confidence and helps vanquish inhibitions as well! So, girls if you want a confident outspoken partner for a date, a drunk guy is your go-to man! I have observed myself that the people who drink are definitely a bunch of "more interesting" beings. There are exceptions everywhere and I am surely not talking about those who drink to fight and abuse. Instead, I am talking about those who drink and express themselves freely and they let the thoughts flow, the suave collection of men!

The first and probably the most cardinal reason to date a guy who drinks is that he is someone who speaks his heart out. Yes, he expresses himself freely and has no inhibitions to share his emotional as well as his carnal desires!

A drunken guy speaks truth and speaks it loud and clear. So, you have someone who is honest and truthful but yes this comes at the cost of receiving candid comments. A drunken guy may stammer at times but the clarity in words will always be there. This is something that comes naturally when you're giving vent to your emotions without any reserve.

They become more modest when they are drunk. Yes, they become more modest and more concerned about you as well. So girls, if you crave for someone who will care for you, a drunken guy is your go-to man.

Alcohol improves English. This is a universal law! I think even the Britishers would agree that alcohol takes their English standards notches up and they start criticizing the American slang culture as soon as they get drunk! There is something magical or rather mystical about this liquid; each drop going in virtually results in addition of another word in the vocabulary. So, the whole bottle of wine is tantamount to a sea of words!

Another reason is that they have a great taste of music. Yes, guys who drink generally have a fine taste of music. Drinking like music has a lot to do with rhythm! A drunken guy can suggest you the best of the music! From the English classics like U2, Queen to Sufi folk songs and the 'Qawwali'.

Guys who drink are more stylish and sophisticated. Yes, that's pretty overt! They are generally suave and don't think much before spending money, especially after a couple of drinks. Furthermore, they gel better with your friends and make your friends feel at home as well!

They have better sense of humor and are generally good at Urdu poetry as well! Yes, alcohol exudes humor as well! People who drink are good at cracking jokes and are generally witty as well! They love being happy after they get drunk and they try to make others around them happy as well! Quotes like- "An Irish man walks out of a bar" are proofs that alcohol has something to do with humor and laughter! They are good with Urdu poetry and will quote few lines in between conversations to admire your beauty! Yes, they will use some deep Urdu phrases to describe your eyes, face, personality or your demureness!

Note: Things written in this post are my personal observations and imaginations!  



  1. Musical and shayarana it is by all means!!! But what about the uber ashiqui that sometimes erupts? :p :p

    1. There are side effects of everything! You know its a matter of pros and the cons!

  2. But i do'nt agree with the first reason you mentiond as a quality..... A person who be in his senses and then expresses himself is better then one who's drunk... If you take the support of alcohol to express then thats cowardness...

    1. The first part actually talks about expressing yourself freely. This really is applicable to a lot of us who generally find it difficult to express ourselves freely unless given a push. That said, I completely agree with you that someone who needs no push to express himself is definitely better than someone who needs a real life catalyst!

  3. REALLY ... this one i need to frame :)

    cheers to drinking thennnnnnnnnn... hear hear everyone ..


    1. Thanks for the appreciation. Keep visiting this space for more interesting articles!

  4. alcohol is associated with honesty
    so the person will always speak the truth


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