Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lets Go Shopping

Bonnie’s ‘Retail Therapy’ session went quite well; she visited the local mall for her fix of new lip-butter, as well as a pair of new obnoxious but cute earrings. Nothing beats spending money to forget about your troubles, she thought with a smile!

They do not call Shopping ‘Retail Therapy’ for nothing. There seem to be positive consequences to buying oneself a small treat: one really does feel better!!

When it comes to Shopping, what do you like? A gang of friends meeting over lunch and going for a movie and then piling up shopping bags? Or sitting in the comfort of your home-couch and surfing online for the best deals! I say both, when it comes to spending money and buying happiness! But definitely meeting up with your friends, your favourite relative who knows all the latest trends, a co-worker –friend you haven’t caught up with in quite some time or just you and your bestie doing a city round-about.. doing a one month of catching-up together or maybe just on your own, picking up all that you ‘think’ you need;  going into a shopping spree and being materialistic for a while can make you feel how weightless life is, so full of simple, pure joy!

People shop for various reasons. Sometimes they are hunting for self-fulfilment and other times it is just for or with other people. People shop when they feel a need, real or imagined. People shop for emotional reasons, people shop to start a new life- when they get married, move into a house or are planning kids. They shop to ‘catch up with the Joneses’ and other times, to be the ‘Joneses’. They shop for fun and they shop for time-pass when loitering in the mall is all they can think of while waiting for a friend that never shows up on time! Apart from all these types, there is another type of shopping. The one which is not an end in itself but the means to an end; which is- the need to be happy, to fill a void, to make up for a low self-image or to get over old memories and stuff by bringing in the new. This is called ‘binge’ or emotional shopping and is to be avoided at all costs. My personal revelation is: Shopping is like alcohol. It gives you a high and is good for you, if done in moderation! 

The brick-and-mortar experience of shopping is an age-old one but it has not gone out of vogue. It’s social, it’s fun! E-shopping may save you money and give you the excitement of surfing and looking for the best deals to suit your pocket, but somehow I believe, even as e-markets are flattening out our world and bringing in a fold of global products to our doorsteps, I enjoy an offline experience of shopping a lot more than the online version and here’s why!

1.      It allows you a three dimensional product experience.
2.       Lots of “Do I look fat in this?” type questions.
3.      “What an ass that is!” (Ass can be used both as a compliment and in exasperation! ;))
4.      Playing with colours and textures!
5.      Dressing up.
6.      The occasional friendly banter and stupid jokes!
7.      “Can you give us a demo!”
8.      Beauty with functionality, choosing the right product.
9.      You want it, you can go get it!
10.  And if you are a regular customer, you are asked if you’d like some coffee!

That list of points, my friends, is your deal maker! Online or Offline.. as long as you do it in moderation, my mantra for you is: Go Shop-hopping when the pang strikes! Stay Happy! Live Happy! God bless 


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