Friday, 11 July 2014

Over a cup of Tea

We Indians tend to take our right to Freedom of Speech seriously. Talking, or better say chattering comes naturally to many of us. Well, before someone plans to bash me, let me clear that I mean it all in a good spirit. No offense.

When it comes to striking a good conversation, we’ll always find a couple of people around us, dying to let out stories narrating how their dog is the best in the neighbourhood being a rare specie, or how the daughter of their friend’s friend eloped with a guy , only to return 2 year later with a little kid, cute enough to please her parents’ bad temper. The axiom is that more often you are likely to not get bored for long, if you are travelling alone in a plane, train or a bus. Even in an auto ride back home, by God’s grace you’ll be accompanied by people who have pledged to keep you awake on the way. Heavenly souls. And if not that, you yourself may enjoy conversing with the autowallahs, and may be get an insight into their plight. It’s largely believed that sometimes talking to a stranger does wonders. 

The conversation can be regarding the same design bag two girls are carrying, starting from passing a same pinch smile which might get continued till discussing about the best Pani puri vendor in their respective streets. Or simply disclosing your inner turmoil. From hot debated political headline, to the latest FIFA score, from the colour of one’s shoes to the shoes being exactly like the one an actress wore in her latest flick, we are never short of a topic.

People. You can find them talking everywhere. Bibliophiles discussing about how poor a movie adapted from their favourite book turned out to be. A bunch of hostellers scattered on the terrace cursing the mess food. A gang of besties, together for a sleepover, clad in their cartoon pyjamas, exchanging some never told spicy secrets. A group of kitty party aunties grieving over the increased dramatics of their maids. A gang of oldies, on a fresh spring morning, proudly bragging about their younger days, as they share a plate of jalebis. It happens everywhere.

When conversations are our concern, then one thing that can’t be left out is Tea, Yes, the best talk a family has is during the tea-time. Taking personal examples I can say how tea-time has always played an important part in big family decisions. Varying from detailed deliberation on which College to opt for, to the candid one reminiscing the past where the eldest daughter was a chubby toddler who danced to any random tune played, a lot has happened over a cup of tea. Laughs are shared, memories are recalled, future is planned. And why restrict it just to the front verandah of your house. Tea works it magic in the tea corner of the locality too, where friends and neighbour hover around in the evening, men grumbling about their respective bosses, and the guys swooning over the new girl in the building. And how can we ever forget the very prevalent ritual of making a girl face her probable would-be-groom and his family, holding a tray loaded with cups of tea, as she enters the room with an over-shy look. A cup of tea, and there starts a thread of conversation on the girl being a great painter and singer since school days, and the boy being a topper at everything he ever did.

Yes, it might get annoying to some people at times, but there is no denying the fact from my side that I love us people for this lively trait. We are quite a pro when it comes down to mingling with others. Who knows an introduction done last week while waiting in a queue, may prevent you from standing in a queue a few months later.

Keep talking. It’s a free country!



  1. I don't mind talking to strangers in a plane, train, or bus as long as they don't invite me to their home for dinner. I have seen this among immigrated Indians (especially in USA). Five minutes after getting introduced, he will invite you and your family for dinner at his home. It may be the hospitality. But to me, Hey I don't even know who you are. You are inviting me for dinner?

    1. Hahaha!
      Haven't experienced it yet, but it sounds fun :D

      Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Awesome! Just so lively!
    I just wish I had a cup of tea (milk) in my hand while reading this!
    but I'll do that tomorrow morning and sure to enjoy it as much as I did now!

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for this lovely comment! made me smile :)

  3. :D :D...this brings alive so many unforgettable moments... pleasant & awkward , both ;)
    Your writings always touch the finest details of 'being Indian' ! :)

    As it is , I talk so little ;) :D...yet I regret missing out on so many vital sessions of epochal discussions... learning to pick a cup of tea only after having wasted nearly two decades on this earth !!!!! :D
    <3 <3 :)

    1. Hahaha. You could have always done it over your glass of milk :P

      And thank you! :)

  4. Hahaha... I've experienced this quite often... The weirdest would probably be the conversation I had with an old lady about my touch phone - she wanted to buy one exactly like mine for her grandkid :)


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