Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Logical Indian


It’s been a month since world’s largest democracy witnessed the holy ritual of power shift. The political party, which came into power, has made immaculate use of resources at hand to draw the results no one expected.

Well! Pre-election assumptions and exit polls are now an entity of past, today, we stand at the threshold position from where we need to stop talking and get going.

Now is the time to be more active than we ever were or we thought ourselves into the fact that we were.

The contemporary Indian youth can be categorically divided into two classes and both of these classes constitute of 70 and 30 percent of the Indian youth respectively.

The 30 percent group is a combination of intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals and wannabe intellectuals. This group constitutes of students from technical and civic background, some of them were really interested into knowing what-is-happening-into-their-country, while most of them were forced by their parents to read history books which ultimately helped them come up with referenced comments during pre-election and post election debates and discussions.

The 70 percent part of the youth is Hollywood group, all they know is Hollywood has this and Hollywood has that. All they want is to live like an American. Ask them about their vision on any contemporary issue India is facing and they will shy and end up saying “America mei aisa hota hai…”

“Bhai to America hi kyun ni chle jaate”. Nai jaa skte, kyunki America b tum jaise directionless people ko Visa ni dega.

America is different, their problems are different, their geographical and cultural diversity is different from us, they have undergone different storms and they have tackled different set of imposed rules.

From where, India stands today, it can be taken to either an epitome-al stage where it becomes impossible for any country to beat or it can undergo economy degradation ceremony.

The government alone cannot make our country a better place to live, government can only make laws and assign funds but an enthusiastic and responsible group of citizens can make those programs and funds useful. Local bodies understand the problems better and hence it can be said that they can solve their problems in much better ways. When I think of ‘local bodies’ the concept of mohalla sabha suggested by an unique political party which lost it’s identity in the fight of Delhi state assembly or Delhi parliament seems legitimate and beneficiary.

Half the youth of India lives under miss-conception. They think Prithvi Raj Chouhan is the president and they think Amir khan is the prime minister because he was seen talking more about national issues than any other personality on TV. 

The least youth can do for your country is be logical and when I say being logical I am sure that I am not talking about finding logic in Bollywood movies. Being logical is about understanding the local problems and trying to solve it on your own rather than waiting for Narendra Modi to come and solve it for you.



  1. Whoa! Unheard voice reaching loud!
    Some very poignant points up there. (Y)

  2. Well said! Our youth as a whole is divided into one more category that you pointed out. Most of us sit and criticize that this went wrong, Alpha did this and Beta did that and how it could have been improved but when it comes to actually taking the initiative, we fizzle out!


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