Wednesday, 8 October 2014

10 reasons to date a Foodie!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a foodie as “a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.” Given such a broad definition, a foodie these days could be anyone who is a connoisseur or even someone who regularly watches Masterchef!

There's an old proverb, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well that IS a bit sexist for sure but we believe there are a list of reasons to convince you as to why guys or girls, foodies make the best of partners.

1. They are non materialistic. Just because your interest is a foodie does not mean that they like to eat only at top hat restaurants. Try an under-the-radar date at an ethnic spot in an effort to expose them to something new. Random places that they are unfamiliar with and different cuisines work up their enthusiasm and bring a fun element in the date. What's more, they will love you for it and you will get credited with instant brownie points!

2. They make for awesome travel companions. Travelling for the love of food. Well that's two awesome experiences following each other in a circle! In case of foodies , good food and good company always go together.

3. Non judgemental and experimentative. With a foodie partner as a dinner date one can order the most random thing off the menu. What's more, it makes you look daring and thus, more irresistible to your date. So that means, not just you add funtimes to your memories together, but you get to have a meal you will never regret and a partner you will never forget. That said, a foodie will most likely be experimental with other areas of life as well!

4. Passion for life. Foodies are some of the most versatile and adventurous people you will know. They will cross oceans and deserts just to add experience to their palates! Street food is as dear to them as exquisite candle light dinners are! They are explorers at heart and like to dive deep!

5. Interesting people. While it’s fine – and probably more universally acceptable – to buy her roses and jewellery on Valentine’s Day, a real foodie would much rather prefer an apetite fest on a sunny beach with nothing more to ask for but a zest for the flavours of life and never ceasing adventures!

6. Food has character and foodies have more! Just like food has layers, so have foodies. A foodie will most likely be a thoughtful person. So you had a tough week at work and all you want to do is crash on your bed with a tub of ice cream. Your foodie significant other knows how you feel. He’ll even go out and buy you your favorite chocolate that will put the smile back where it belongs!

7.  Non fussy eaters. Who doesn't love a girl who isnt picky about the calories and just loves to enjoy life (and food). Who likes to go on a date and share dinner with someone who never orders anything else but salad coz they are forever on a diet!

8. Live to eat. Foodies are not the survivor class. They dont just focus on survival. Food is an extension of the celebration of life for them.

9.  Impulse. Life is a daring impulse for foodies. They carry a hunger for raw first hand experiences and have the belly to take risks by experimenting with new things everytime. No wonder they make for awesome mates!

10. A perfect finish! Well at the end of the day when the courtship days are over and you need to introduce your foodie significant other to the family, wouldnt you love to point out to your mother that they love to wear an apron on the weekends! Or maybe what's better, all the time! ;-)


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