Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Dark Hole

At atleast one point in our lives we all go through a really weird phase when nothing goes right and nothing's left in your brains. And when nothing goes right despite of trying every damn thing with the dedication of every single cell in our body,our confidence takes a deep plunge in the wide sea of depression pulling our happiness and motivation and willingness with it.

Your job left you and your cat died,you're wife's a nuance and you're finding it difficult to strive. Your books are flesh-eating monsters and your friends are monotonous mood busters. You don't feel like getting out of the bed when responsibilities and loans are on your head.The motivational talks are shit cuz you think you know your depression is where you fit. 

The other day when talking to a friend(she's not going through the best of phases people),I couldn't help but wonder,when things go down the hill how in the world do we conquer the mountains? The answer to this came to me at 3.40 am while lying on my lovely couch. My own bad ol' days came to me and though I couldn't point out at first what brought me out of it,I later realised it was my love for writing that got me back on my feet (that is a whole different,embarrassingly funny story) and the simple solution of shutting the negative voices out.

I am no expert on all this,infact I'm not really good at inspirational stuff,but this I know-You have to be your own hero. This doesn't mean that you stop talking or relying on your loved ones. Do talk to them but nothing that people say will help until you believe in yourself. The only thing worse than pondering over gloomy aspects of your life is shutting out your loved ones. We're but humans,we need love and support too. 

Life isn't easy and getting over failure is harder than you thought but its not impossible. At a time when you're already struggling with the offsprings of depression in your head,words like 'hope','faith','belief' sound utterly absurd. You think the world can't understand and maybe no one can but does that mean you give up on your dreams? No,you don't buddy. Your dreams are what make you and the reason you wake up everyday. It's okay to be a little selfish once in a while,to think about what you want,to carve your own way,to not give a damn about what others think. Focusing on yourself-grooming,eating till the room stinks(if you know what I mean),shopping,partying-all these help to get you out of depression.

You have the power to get rid of the monsters of depression. because the only reason they grow is when you feed them. Watching sad movies,reading negative quotes or books,smoking or drinking,thinking that you're not good,there are the things weighing you down. Spend time with people who will always remind you who you are. Because you,yes YOU sweetheart are freakin' awesome.


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