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7 reasons why Indians do not travel solo

 I am not much of a traveller neither do I dig travelling . I am afraid of heights, water and things which can kill you.

The childhood memories include of going to Haridwar , Mussourie , Dehradun as tourists , clicking pictures , eating too much everywhere and coming back tired.
Sometimes we would go to other cities also to attend weddings of cousins whom I have not seen after that.

Travelling alone or Solo is a very common concept abroad and now Indians are also going abroad solo but we do not see that within our country.
In my opinion these are the reasons Indians don’t travel Solo within india:-

Parents :-
 The moment you tell your parents that you are going to a particular place alone they react as if you told them that you want to start a Rock band .

“What will you do there “
“Why are you going”
“Whose the girl”

You need to find a reason and convince them and chances are they wont get convinced. Then leave it to Allah and pack your bags.

Budgeting :-

Indians have never understood the meaning of Shoestring budget and Backpacking . Even if they are travelling alone they would prefer the best of hotels and best of facilities because of the way we have been pampered during our childhood.
Now good facilities require money and India is a developing economy since last 50 years.

Company matters:-

Indians need company for everything , be it going to movies , going to the market , handling breakups or Para gliding.
Somebody sitting alone in a café is deemed as a loner .
So when we imagine conquering Everest all alone and then realize there is nobody else to click our picture we fall into the Abyss .

Sharing is caring :-

As kids we were told not to take food from strangers , not talk to them and not help anybody when we see them drowning . So how can we go and talk to somebody sitting across the table reading our favourite book .?
Girls may complain that lot of guys will approach them if they see them sitting alone , here is the secret – a guy traveling alone in India will either be rich or Vella or an Artist , so you might get money or all his time or insights of life . A win-win situation .

The fairer sex:- 

 Half of our population is females and I have not seen a girl travelling alone (except business meetings ) just like that and I don’t think that will see soon also. Security is one reason for that but the protected environment they are brought up in has also an affect.  Traveling solo do require some physical work and looking for places on own and sorry to say most of  Indian girls cant do that .
A tip for girls:- Sporty girls are always a turn on for guys .

Corporate Blues :-

 check your friendlist , most of the people going on vacations do not have a job, have just quit , recently fired.
90 % of indian population is in corporate sector and they might get 104 days off a year ( 52 weekends ) but since they are scattered they are of no use . Plus if you go away on trips how will you fulfil your sales targets and how will you buy the new Iphone…a scary thought..
Wouldn’t it be better if you work for yourself and take 10 days off 10 times a year….but nobody taught us in school that we can be entrepreneurs.


This will be shown by a real –life incident , some days back a friend of mine was being “seen” by a prospective bride’s family . Along with the parents of the girl her brother and Jijaji were also there .( What was jijaji doing there  I fail to understand)

Now jijaji works in good software company and my friend is in sales .

Jijaji to my friend – “ You are in sales , interesting …don’t you think software is more comfortable , easy and settled sector , why are you in sales ,you are an engineer , you should join software company”

The appearance of this question proves the kind of mentality we have – choose careers according to jobs.

If Colombus had the same mentality the world would have never seen Brian Lara .

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