Monday, 27 October 2014

10 reasons to date a foodie

We the ‘Foodies’’ don’t eat to live, we live to eat and we are all proud of that! Here are just the ten reasons to date us! (trust me I scratched my head like never before while thinking of these reasons and now I’m dying to eat something)

1. Because any meeting isn’t random!
Boys, this one is especially for you; most of the time of our pre-dating period is spent thinking about, where do I fucking take her? A garden or the zoo or the lake or the river-front or my house?
This is where the misery of the brain ends, when you date a foodie, any outlet of a McD or a Dominos is more than enough to keep your better-half happy and increase your chances of earning the second date!

2. Because you are always making an ‘investment’
Yes, when out with a ‘Foodie’ date, he/she knows every single thing about the best food in the city, right from a gali-khoonche ka pani puri vala to an exotic wallet-heavy restaurant. You are never risking your money or your hygiene; it is always an investment because you have the best ‘player’ with you!

3. Because there are no ‘boring’ phases
You eat, he/she eats and when you guys don’t eat, you eat each other’s brain talking about eat(ing). Yes, the world around you revolves around the killer sauce of a certain vadapav vala and awful taste of new wrap of McD. The talks just never end.

4. Because you’re always ‘exploring’
Be it a ‘Soda-Shop’ or a random ‘plastic chair-table’ eatery or a lavish chain-restaurant, nothing is ordered twice. The trial of ‘Masala Soda’ is the first and the last at the same time because the menu has other hundred things to offer and trust me if you re-order it with your ‘foodie’, you are going to have a tough time!

5. You are sure to be ‘special’
Now because you are dating a foodie, the date is going to be a ‘food-heavy’ one wherein, each one of the delicacies prepared for you would not only taste amazing but also ‘look’ stunning. Right from a typical bollywood-style heart decorated coffee to a smiling chocolate sauce over the ice-cream, you will sit there all ‘smiles-smiles’!

6. And when it comes to special days...
... You just wear the chef’s cap and YouTube a recipe of ‘Spanish Omelette’ or a ‘Saucy Pasta’ along with ‘Black Velvet’ and your ‘baby’ spends the most amazing time during the anniversaries or the birthdays.

7. Also when the things go wrong...
... Yes when there’s a terrible fight or the spark seems to be missing, the ‘foodie’s’ food is your life saver! Cook yourself or take them to their favourite restaurant. As the plates settle, the smiles grow and the talks begin!

8. Because travelling with them is fun!
Okay so don’t go on to find logic just by reading this, this one is by sheer observation and practicality of travel! Go out on a trip with a foodie and you wake up each day and observe the same enthusiasm because your date is all pumped up to try the food of a lorry that he spotted yesterday night while walking!

9. Because the way to a man’s heart...
And also a woman’s heart is through their stomach! The age old tried and tested method, need I say more?

10. And there are some left-over’s too!
On a date with a foodie; you are sure to order at least five of the most weird names on the menu and at least one of those dishes will be left right there in the bowl because it has no takers. Get it packed and gift it to a small child sitting right beside the restaurant entrance and you are sure to spread the smile!


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