Sunday, 2 November 2014

Believe in Love

Do you believe in love? In soulmates?

Do you believe that you can look past the flaws and faults of a human and accept them for what they are?
Do you believe that you can give without asking for much? That we all have that one great love which changes our life? Do you believe,that you can separate the flings and the passing affairs from the real connections? Do you believe that even on your worst days its your love that will be your saviour?

Do you believe,that you can differentiate between addiction,love and obsession?

But most important of all,do you believe in love?

It is the twenty first century and relationships are common, every one right from twelve year olds with lollipops to twenty one year olds with lilies and love promises are in relationships. Some fall in 'love' when they're attracted to a beautiful face, or voice, or eyes, or even hands. Some fall in 'love' every other day and some take years to even realise that they might have any romantic feeling for another human. Some fall in 'love' with chocolate and some simply 'love' food (and in my opinion,that my dearies,is the best kind of love). Some hearts do 'love' another with a power so strong that it is terrifying and some just cannot find an ounce of 'love' within themselves.
But hold your ruddy hippogriffs! Do we even know what 'love' is? For those who believe in 'fast love',its yet another clich├ęd concept that has been passed around and for the other believing group its the power stronger than any other.  Either ways,for most of the people, it is positive or non-existent. So how do we know if it is positive,or that it exists at all? How on earth,in the midst of romantic gestures and proposals every other day and word play,do we distinguish between the real positive love and addiction,or obsession? We're all aware about the thin line between love and obsession,but, how and when do we know when one changes into another? In the last two days alone I've come across articles written about how to find your loved one or things to do before you find love or how to know who your soul mate is and so on and so forth. One more article like that and I'm shooting myself. 

I once knew a girl who was a little hesitant to let go off her almost three year old relationship. Maybe not little,but she was hesitant. It took six months of trying and convincing and crying and finally tiring and giving up on her part to finally break up with the guy who had given up on the relationship on his part. To this day,I cannot understand what went on in her head. Was it love or obsession? Or addiction maybe? There's no knowing but from what age old relationships I have seen I choose to believe that it was love. Oxford has defined obsession and addiction but it hasn't been really successful and everyone has their own definitions and perspectives but it always comes down to-do you believe that you can live with
someone, for someone and try at the very least to get them all the happiness they deserve? 

Its okay to be in a relationship with someone you like but before you take any drastic step like moving in, or getting laid (its a big step in India) ,or proposing for marriage it is always very important to know whether its love or obsession,are you with someone just because you feel the need to or because you feel that its time for you to? Or, are you with someone because they are the ones you'd move mountains for but can still love yourself enough?

So ask yourself again.

Do you believe that when you are with someone you love them with their acnes and bellies and duck feet?
Do you believe that yours is a great love,the kind that feels right?
Do you believe, in love?



  1. As beautiful a thing as love maybe it is not for everyone. There are people who remain alone all their lives. Sometimes its just one sided. You love someone but that person barely acknowledges your existence. Then there are those who could have been wit the person they love but never had the courage to express their feelings. And then there are those who have no such feelings for anyone. Its just not their thing.


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