Tuesday, 11 November 2014

5 reasons to live on a Beach

I may be a mountain-crazy but I’m never away from being a water-baby! (Yes that rhymed!!)
Be it the amazingly clean beaches of down South or our very own Goa, beaches have always been an integral part of the many vacations I’ve had in my life and when it comes to settling at one of these places, my mind just has the reasons and here they are-

1.     For the ‘feel’
The warm beach sand and the fine grains stuck to your feet, the bustling air currents sending your clothes and your hair into a tizzy, the water; dancing along with its ebbs and tides kissing the tips of your toes, the distant sun; smiling at you ever so gracefully, the lazy rocks around; your perfect company.
There’s this amazing ‘feel’ as we call it, attached to the beaches, which shouts, if there’s life, this is it!

2.     The Cold Beer and the Hot Bodies!
A warm sunbath with the aviators on; as you sip in the beer, your eyes automatically fall in place, looking at the oiled bodies of hunks or the funky coloured bikinis of babes! A beach might well be a perfect end to the world of fantasies, bird-watching anyone?

3.     Because there’s everything there for the masses!
The amazing sea food; prawns, fishes, crabs and lobsters and the complimentary brand of alcohol, the ultraviolet themed lights and rocking music! Is there anything else one wants in life? Just go out there and own it!

4.     And everything for the classes too!
And if you belong to the quiet – class wherein life is all about collecting the various sea-shells and walking past the sand, listening to the tunes of the winds with the water just touching your feet and nothing else, trust me you have heavens awaiting!

5.     Because of the adventure!
A big building consisting of your small quarters, finely decorated walls and a 40’ TV and your usual boss-employee relationship; everyone has this life and frankly, it is too main-stream! Imagine a beach-house practically made up solely of wood and polished by one own self, with no decorations but the various collections and gifts from the sea and a modest fire-place to cook your everyday meal, a job at your own restaurant or owning a jet ski to earn money; what beats adventure?


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