Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Love unplugged

We are all searching for the one. The one who makes our soul dance to the cadence of love, the one who sings a song only we can hear, the one whose heart throbs so in sync with ours that both beat as one...

A tryst with destiny and how two souls share same passion. How his presence struck a chord and her smile tugged at the strings of his heart. Maybe it is destiny, maybe it is fate or what is written in the stars. It just had to be, in perfect sync with the universe, in the right place, at the right time, in the right spirit...
When the bodies moved to the same tune, the same song, the same rhapsody, it just had to be.

And, as the music at the concert soared in this perfect harmony, the DJ of Destiny softly whispered into their ears, "Turn up the love" and let it take over.

Love takes many forms, enrobes in many faces.

It takes disguise in the happiness of a sister when you marry your soul mate, when she's secretly known about it all along; or in the warmth of a mother's hug that has so lovingly brought you up and on your wedding day, cannot help but reminisce memories of you growing up into a beautiful woman under her sheltered wings.

Love camouflages itself in the hope a husband has from his wife - to embark together, hand in hand, on a journey called life.

Love blossoms when someone in your biochemistry class tells you about their aversion to one of the highest grossing animated movies ever, because a son parts from the father in the end. The kind heart of that someone touches your soul like no grandiose, pompous display of love ever would.

That's the beauty of love. It lies in the mundane, ordinary details that give your life meaning and make it out of the ordinary.

Love surrounds you, envelops you. It huddles you in like a blanket that keeps you warm and fuzzy. Love is a feeling you cannot escape and you would never want to. Because when you love someone, you cannot remember anything else that ever made you so happy. And nothing, nothing makes you happier than the one you love.

If you ever love someone, don't let it go. THAT FEELING CALLED LOVE, don't you dare ever let it go.

The stories of triumphant love...
 A story that tells the world that connection is not made by religion, but from the heart. And these inexplicable connections of the heart vanquish distance and time, endure pain and suffering, trounce religion and circumstance, to let love find a way, always.

Sometimes a story of two friends who embarked on a journey of unconditional love for years and years ago only to win everyone over...
They went to the same school, each unaware of the other. Introduced through mutual friends in college, they soon found themselves irrevocably, irreversibly in love.

Neither the pangs of a long distance relationship nor the brunt of their religious differences could tear them apart. They both believe the biggest gift parents give to their children is the gift of life, for them, that gift came in the form of their union. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. They fought for it and hoped ceaselessly, that maybe someday, they'd make it.

Sometimes, looks like they did. Looks like they made it...

Lucky are those who find a best friend, a lover and a soul mate, luckiest are those who find all three in one.

It’s true that the unparalleled kind of relationships, the ones that linger a lifetime are customarily rooted in friendship. There's that moment of revelation, when you look at the other person, the one with whom you shared everything under the sky, your dreams, your fears, your chimeras, your heartaches and you know nothing will ever be the same.

The person who has always just been a friend and suddenly, the only one you can ever imagine yourself with. There are no more words. The stars begin to shine. The birds warble. The roses bloom. A friendship that is now metamorphosed into love, a love that's always been right in front of you, that is all. You affiliated, you entranced, and you dazzled each other. You reviled in your greatest victories, divulged the most fatal of your flaws. You illuminated their soul and shined on each other like the brilliance of a thousand fiery blazes.

A carousel laced with days of magnetic magic and madness, brimming with fun and friendships that adorn the promise of forever, and laden with an overwhelming sea of absolute love and laughter that washed everyone over. 

In this tide, she glittered and glowed, as if something lit from within, something inextinguishable in the presence of him - something passionate, something as overpowering as LOVE. 

In the moonlight of this infectious, glorious love nature always witness the moments of two souls bliss.

Swatii Chandak


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