Friday, 14 November 2014

10 reasons for travelling via Trains

Relentlessly dynamic landscape, while travelling via trains, makes one free form distress and revitalizes a soul. It is a giant technology for hauling people which equivalently fascinates in providing comfort zone, in comparison to other transportations.

Here the 10 specific reasons why trains fascinates, in no particular order

1)   The level of comfort ability.

       No squeezing in uncomfortable chairs. Settle in which so ever position you want to.

2)  Picturesque spots
     Some of the eye-catching places destiny showers in a train journey. Flight would certainly give you a feeling to be on clouds but what could be more beautiful than seeing some most of the amazing places with the eyes in accordance with a privilege to capture the moments too.

3) Flexibility

Do you want to leave at 6 am? Or did you work late the night before and giving a thought to an evening departure?
Because when it comes to trains, you can always hop on to a decision to catch it whenever it is feasible to you. N number of routes with N number of selections...

4) Economical

Though the fares have recently faced and increase still it seems to be the cheapest source to travel across the places with an immense level of comfort ability and safety.

5) Group Journey

Whenever it comes to travelling with pool of people including your friends and family there is always fun to travel via trains. You get a chance to prepare *bhelpuri* in the middle of the journey, playing cards, *dram shards’* and *antakshri*. Jumping in between lower, upper, middle and side birth is always suitable to change your mood swings plus you hardly get tired.

6) Luggage alert!

There are less chances of losing the luggage as we fit all the stuff near the allotted seats. Lesser chances to miss something and you could easily pack/unpack anything whenever it is required while travelling via trains.

7) Security issues.

You don’t need to leave hours before the actual departure. Even if you have just reached the station you ll always fit in an opportunity to perform *Jaa simran, jee le apni zindagi* and run to catch the hand which will pull you inside the bogie.

8) Place to place

If the journey is for more than 12 hours it is always exciting to wake up the next day and find yourself in a completely different land.

9) Efficiency

An individual’s time is duly respected. Less chances when a journey is affected by delayed departures / arrivals, weather would not be a threat (generally).

10) Anywhere, Everywhere.

One of the charismatic things about trains is that the stations are often situated somewhere in the heart of the city, therefore, near to all the main attractions.  Time and money both are saved in terms of additional transportation/cabs.

Train journey is more like a gregarious one. You never get bored of it and always come up with a reason to travel via trains than any other transportation.

Happy journey!
Swatii Chandak


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