Monday, 10 November 2014

The Museum of Broken Relationships

So you just got dumped? But can’t get over him/her? Love ends but memories remain. But you can do something creepy and amusing by donating your memories to a museum! The shiny shoes, kinky toys, frayed gowns and scribbled notes and letters; all are arranged as a memory in a place called MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS (MoBR).Yess! Zagreb’s museum of broken relationships, an unusual museum in Croatia’s capital (Europe) collects the stories of failed love and leftovers of last lovers.

 The wrapped gift box containing Rado watch for coming anniversary which never came , candy thongs for D-night, a teddy bear, all these unfulfilled lust, stored in  a museum for a fickle lover maybe is sort of revenge? Or it makes one feel better and get over the person?

Today the museum has around 1,000 “broken” artefacts, of which almost 90 are on display and the remaining on travelling exhibitions across the world! It’s weird, crazy, fun, depressing but in all a different kind of place which you can explore in about hour! This museum is Winner of Kenneth Hudson award 2011 for the most innovative museum in Europe! Its ranked 14th of 71 attractions in Zagreb. Lists among 10 weirdest museums of world!

This museum was born out of broken heart! After a 4 year long relationship, Olinka Vistica, a film producer and Dra Grubisi, a sculptor pondered upon the idea of making such museum to house their love’s leftovers. The collection was first displayed in 2006 and permanently opened for public in 2010. Unlike ‘destructive’ self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the Museum's collection.

Whatever the motivation for donating personal belongings – be it sheer exhibitionism, therapeutic relief, or simple curiosity – people embraced the idea of exhibiting their love legacy as a sort of a ritual, a solemn ceremony. Handcuffs, cellphones, wedding dress are also contributed to the museum by broken hearts! After the tour to the exhibition one can feel emotional turmoil and to overcome it there’s a small broken ship cafĂ©, appreciated by the visitors where they are served with lemon or pepper cookies and wide variety of wine and coffee, a local specialty!

The Museum of Broken Relationships encourages discussion and reflection not only on the fragility of human relationships but also on the political, social, and cultural circumstances surrounding the stories being told. The museum respects the audience's capacity for understanding wider historical, social issues inherent to different cultures and identities and provides a catharsis for donors on a more personal level.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is described by its founders as "an art concept which proceeds from the (scientific) assumption that objects (in the broadest sense, i.e., matter as a whole) possess integrated fields—‘holograms’ of memories and emotions—and intends with its layout to create a space of ‘secure memory’ or ‘protected remembrance’ in order to preserve the material and nonmaterial heritage of broken relationships".

 There is “I love u “teddy bear donated, a black n white photograph of a lake where a spot is circled reviving the teenaged memories. One of the donation was an axe made by a berlin woman. The sharp axe turned into therapy instrument for her, she chopped off the furniture of his lover in his apartment when she got frustrated knowing that he cheated on her! Think of it! When you have an axe, do you need a shrink?

The moBR shop sells an “I love break ups” tee, books, and an eraser; which can erase any bad memory! So, go on, I doubt the efficiency of eraser but who knows! Rub it hard over your heart and mind, you may be free from bad memories as they get vanished into the sky! A heart may heal on it’s on!



  1. never heard about it...until today.


  2. This book, in its simplicity, made me think of a note my husband gave me 12 years ago that I have kept, reread every so often and smile each time. In the event of divorce, how that would change. Funnily, I never thought of it that before reading this book. How powerful is that?


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