Sunday, 3 August 2014

Date a girl who wears Glasses

So this ‘debate’ of sorts, whether a girl wearing specs is more or less attractive than the girl who doesn’t wear it, is among one of the top hot topics in a boys party and although it remains without a conclusion, I come up with my five reasons as to why a girl wearing specs is irresistibly attractive and the as to why she should be dated..
For the unbelievable cuteness

First thing first, the amount of cuteness a pair of glasses adds to the charming face of a girl is quite inconceivable.
On a personal front, a cute looking girl with a weirdly awesome choice of specs scores much more than a *hot as they say* girl in petite dress.
And trust me, the abstract colours of the geeky frames, pink, purple and even green do add to the overall cuteness of the girl if she manages to carry it off well.

For the ‘Smart’ Outlook

No matter how much we deny, boys are extremely judgemental when it comes to ‘birdwatching’ and a girl *preferably with chubby cheeks* with specs on gives an impression of a geek dissolved in some kind of a novel with her hands-free on or a mini-google who knows all the answers in this world.

While most boys put that in ‘Out of Range’ (Apne Aukaat ke bahar hai) category, the ones’ who are on for some healthy flirting or smart dating take it as an interesting concept.
The ball here lies clearly in the court of the girl!

Provides the Guy with ‘More Options’

Okay so we guys are flirts, big time flirts.
While flirting with a girl without specs, you have no option but to repeat ‘the story’ with a new flavour all the time.
But a girl with specs helps here because apart from, ‘Baby, you look so cute in these specs’ we can also score with ‘Baby, please get them off, your eyes are extremely attractive and I would like to see them without the specs today.’
For the ‘NO-BORE’ Zone

Though not as generalized as the first three, but girls wearing specs have decent knowledge about the topics that interest boys, starting from why Pepe was shown the red-card to ‘understanding’ rock music of your favourite band, you can open your chatter box with ease and are not left to deciding whether which nail-paint goes better with the outfit- a pink or a purple.

When you have someone with whom you can discuss the pull-shot of Virat Kohli along with going gaga over his hair-cut, boredom takes a backstage.
And then I was out of reasons so I conducted an all boys ‘poll’ asking them the above question.  Here are some of the results (apart from the ones I already mentioned):

- They are a huge turn on! ( both romantically and sexually)
-They are smarter than the other lot! (extremely subjective)
- They have a better dressing sense! (this reply was the hot favourite among the ‘short skirt crazy pervs’)



  1. Loved it..
    thanks for sharing it mate ..
    best part was .. OUT OF RANGE .. APNE AUKKAT KE BAHAR HAI ...
    keep writing .. :)

    1. Haha thank you! :D
      that's how we actually talk in day to day life so a direct reference! :D
      keep reading! :)

  2. You can cum on their glasses. Missed that one

    1. will keep that in mind when I write EL James sequel! :)

  3. Four eyes are better than two but they will be able to see more than you want to show. ;)

  4. Won't that be interesting? Each one trying to out smart the other? Monotonous fooling is too mainstream! :D


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