Thursday, 23 January 2014

Black tea or Black coffee

The fight between the coffee lovers and tea lovers regarding which beverage is superior is a never ending one with both sides claiming their drink to be better than the other. However, a very careful and analytical approach to both, comparing the qualities and disadvantages of both would give us a better idea about which drink is ideal for one’s requirements.

What exactly is black tea and black coffee?

Black tea like any other variety of tea is composed of dried tea leaves. Their properties are almost similar to green tea, the only difference being the manner of production. Black tea unlike their minimally treated counterparts is fermented before use giving it its characteristic black color. Black coffee is coffee which is served without adding milk, cream or sugar to it.

Antioxidants- Antioxidants have been known to fight harmful free radicals responsible for ageing. Coffee has the highest amounts of antioxidants in per serving when compared to any variety of tea. The source of antioxidants in coffee comes from chlorogenic acid whereas that in tea comes from polyphenols. Black tea is known to have the highest amount of polyphenols per serving within all the different types of teas, followed by green tea. So, a cup of black coffee gives you more antioxidants than an equal amount of black tea. However, since black tea can be consumed more often than black coffee without causing much harm, it can be consumed more often than coffee to compensate for the antioxidants.

Caffeine- Caffeine is associated with high alertness and attention. In this regard coffee wins as it has higher amounts of caffeine than any variety of tea which help in better watchfulness in people. So if you need to get your project done late night or if you are driving home late, a cup of coffee will help you stay awake and attend to your task will full attention. However, too much coffee can be harmful as it can increase blood pressure and make one jittery and restless. Either of the two drinks can cause sleep problems if consumed before bedtime.

Dietetic- Tea (especially green tea) has been widely known for its ability to increase metabolic activities in the body which helps in better digestion and aiding weight loss. Coffee on the other hand can increase cholesterol levels and also make it difficult to lose fat when consumed in excess. So if you are looking for a less fattening option, switching to tea is a very good idea.

Health Benefits- Apart from the antioxidants and dietetic qualities of tea, it is widely consumed for the innumerable other health benefits it provides. Black coffee can help in alertness but it is also linked to hypertension, stress and heart related problems when over consumed. Black tea on the other hand prevents and slows the rate of cancer cell growth, helps in reducing pain, strengthens bones, prevents Alzheimer’s, boosts immunity amongst plenty of others health benefits.

Final verdict?

A cup of black coffee daily is a fine habit but black tea is a better (green tea is the best) choice when health is concerned. Also, either consumed in excessive amounts can be harmful. 



  1. Looks like you have done an excellent research. I drink both. I thought drinking habit is associated (majority of the cases) with the location. In India, North is tea. South is coffee. England is tea and USA is coffee. May be I am wrong.

    1. SG, yes tea and coffee drinking is very culture specific and therefore region specific... :) I love both my teas and with milk and teas black, Earl Grey especially :D


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