Friday, 24 January 2014

Land of celebrations

India is a land of festivals. Yes, we Indians love to celebrate. We have a positive outlook towards things and thus we celebrate. We love making people happy and that is the reason we celebrate. We believe in sharing joy with others, so we celebrate. India is blessed with festivals of different types, each having its own significance and importance. We have festivals for different seasons of the year. Festivals that every Indian celebrates with immense gaiety and fervor! We don’t make lame excuses for celebrating. Instead, we have reasons to celebrate. Reason as they say, is the stolid/logical cousin of excuse! Apparently, very few countries have as many festivals as we have. We are always full of zeal and zest when it’s about celebrations. Life is all about enjoying moments, so there is no reason not to celebrate. We often hear people saying that we Indians just need a reason to celebrate. No, we don’t even need that! We already have a lot of reasons to celebrate and life itself is a reason to celebrate.

So, we Indians don’t actually need a reason to celebrate. We already have ample of them. A few reasons we Indians love to celebrate are-

We believe in enjoying our lives- Yes, we Indians believe in enjoying our lives and thus we celebrate. We intend to make our whole life a grand celebration.

We celebrate seasons- We Indians have festivals befitting certain seasons. Thus, we celebrate each season of the year with full enthusiasm.

We believe in spreading joy- We love sharing our joy. As they say, “Joy shared is doubled”. We Indians firmly believe in sharing joy.

We celebrate moments- Yes; we celebrate each and every moment. For us every moment is special and brings in hope with it!

We love people more than money- We Indians love people more than money. We are emotional about things and this makes us special. We believe that money can’t buy happiness. Thus, we love celebrating festivals with people and making everyone happy.

We respect all religions- We live in harmony. We participate and celebrate all the festivals. We Indians know how to find happiness. We celebrate success of our friends. We respect the beliefs of our friends and fellow countrymen.

We love colors- We Indians love colors. We love wearing colorful dresses on different festivals. We believe in making everyone’s life full of colors.

We love food- We Indians are food-lovers big time! We love eating. We love experimenting with recipes. We relish dishes, specially the ones made for celebration of a particular festival.

We keep things simple- We don’t complicate things a lot. We believe in keeping things simple. Thus, we celebrate every moment without too many worries.

So, keep celebrating life! These celebrations make you a better person. They help you to interact with people, share emotions and reduce stress. We Indians must strive to ensure that we keep distributing happiness. Try to engage maximum people in your celebration. Share the joy- Jai Hind!    




  1. We are great. We are the best.

    1. Yes, Indeed we are the Best!

  2. We Indians have numerous reasons to celebrate and at times no reason at all :-) Nice post!

    1. Thanks Shilpi fr your appreciation!


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