Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Remember my Name

We all were born with an ethical mind, told not to do wrong to anyone. We have always been like this good and helpful. Always you and I restrain ourselves from breaking bad and then one day the coin of life flip and now we are on the other side of the life. We are bound to provide for our family and for those who are waiting for us to bring their bread. We are bound to be a good citizen. But there are times when one has only one option left—Breaking Bad.

A drastic change or merely a lethal disease is enough to make a man loose his calm. A man working hard to provide for his family will freak out under such squirming circumstances.

Walter White was one such man, a calm chemistry teacher, a loving husband and an admiring dad of a handicapped son. He was everything his family needed. He drove a SUV around to his job and back home. Life was not great for them but a sum of $46,000 yearly in Albuquerque was sufficient to enjoy life. But then life has surprises planned for him; his wife gets pregnant with a baby girl and few weeks into pregnancy he acquires Lungs Cancer.

He keeps himself calm and analyzes the situation and realizes he is Walter White the epitome of Chemistry. He realizes his responsibility towards the coming baby and his handicapped son. He decides to Break Bad and cook meth—a chemical drug—with Jesse Pinkman—who himself is a Meth Head Junkie.
This is all you need to know about Walter White. Now, is there a "Walter White" inside everyone of us?

What a man full of expectation is supposed to do when put under such disturbing circumstances. His all wrong doings is unethical but is correct when seen emotionally. He was just another guy saving every penny for his family. He never thought he will have to live his family uneventfully.

It is always said that all of us has that one talent which is enough to make us a hero. In case of Walter White was it cooking Meth? Or he should have taken a different path. Well, we may argue but the person who is under such dilemma can only say what he/she goes through. It’s a difficult thing to realize ‘tomorrow I’ll not be here with my family’. These kinds of thoughts are enough to make a man go crazy and do random things.

Arguably saying there’s not a Walter White inside all of us but surely there is a Heisenberg sleeping inside everyone of us.



  1. To me, Walter is a hero because he wanted to make sure his family will not have any financial problem after his death.

  2. walter white is one interesting protagonist. you relate to him in many way but also disapprove of some of his actions. so is there a walter white in all of us? no but a heisenberg? sure.
    i love your write up and it's relatable. and you too did justice to the topic.


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