Friday, 17 January 2014

Broo-ming his way

I have an introduction to make.

Not the one You can retrieve from Google.  I want to introduce a humble man. A man who touched a million lives. Who, churned the very insides of a nation plagued with corruption, patriarchal sadism and idealism. He isn’t a messiah. He isn’t going to make all of our social, political and economical problems go away, with a flick of a wand. He is an inspiration. He seeded the idea that something can be done about them, problems.

Wisdom begets wisdom.

The youth which thrives on why and how of events and laws, this man aided quench the intellectual thirst of the masses. His simple and clear approach appealed to the basics. When this 5 ft 4 inch man wrapped in a muffler, keeping his tonsils warm talked about a political makeover, something stirred in us. He aroused, in us, the need of a change. This pied piper played the tune of righteousness and we willingly walked WITH him. He enlightened us.

True greatness is that which inspires greatness.

There is nothing Aam about an IIT pass out and a civil service officer.  His accolades go beyond the reach of an average Indian. But when an IITian speaks, in general, our elders heed in rapt attention. So, that is where he got to us. He got to us, when he spoke of each and every needs of a common man, as his. He got to us when he left the comfort of a salaried household, to plunge himself into a revolution. He spoke directly to our inner conscience. He spoke like someone who could make things work. And he did.

Change the system or the system changes You.

Sometimes everything that is happening in my country feels like an illusion. Like it isn’t actually! But then I tell myself that I was not so apprehensive about all the bad that has been happening. Why now?
A refinement of the system was long awaited. Why not NOW? While we sat and only talked about an uprising, a revolution; this man was busy bringing about one, scrounging his way through hurdles.

To me he looks like a man scared. Scared of living in a nation filled with corruption. A father of two lovely children, afraid of leaving behind a place as scary as the nation has become. A man of action. A man who jolted us into believing  “ We are capable. We are deserving of a better tomorrow”

The man is anonymous, cause that’s what an AAM aadmi really is. He is himself a faceless Indian broom-ing his way, into the political system of the largest democracy in the world.



  1. Nice informative post.

    Living in USA, I am not that familiar. But I do know what is happening India through online newspapers. I know he wants and tries to do something good for the common man. Just one question. I do not know how true the newspaper reports are. He just won 28 seats in New Delhi. Now he is going after 300 seats in the Lok Sabha elections due shortly? Is it doable? Just because you scored 100% in all subjects in your second grade, can you try for admission to a post graduate degree in an University?

  2. Its probably not.. But en, winning 28 seats in the assembly elections wasn't either.
    I get Your doubts.. Honestly I av mine too. Declaration of contesting at least a total of 300 seats in the next term is a huge step.
    But, You see SG, I am not writing about elections neither assembly nor lok sabha. For me, the "Common Man" I write about, may not even have contested the elections and would have still been all of the above. Cause I am talking about this Common Man's conviction. I am talking about the fact that this person made us question about all that is happening in the country. He made us realize that sitting and talking and pointing out mistakes is not all that the nations blooming population can do.
    In maharashtra alone, around 300,000 people have joined the party. This, an accentuation to my theory stated above.. this that he is out making leaders. He's this little catalyst, if nothing else, into jolting up both the leaders and the entire population of the country to an awakening.
    And from what I (would like to and do) believe, he would be more than happy to see a nation fighting to elect the best of the best.
    May the best man win! Rather.. may the country win prosperity.


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