Monday, 27 January 2014

Cosmetic Therapy

Cosmetology is the ‘the professional, skilled practice of beautifying the Face, Hair and Skin’ and Cosmetologists are professionals who help you enhance your natural endowments- hair, skin and outward appearance. Branches of this science of personal care include hair-care, cosmetics, manicure/pedicure, skin care, laser procedures, etc. 

One always wants to put their best face forward in Life and Cosmetology takes it a bit too literally when it actually helps you achieve your desired look. With the help of expert hands and a bit of imagination, your everyday appearance can be transformed to your desired extent. It’s an art where the body becomes the canvas of an expert’s imaginative palette of colours and design. Speaking of Beauty, adorning oneself has been an age-old custom in our country with ‘solah shringar’ as the hallmark of a true Indian bride. In other cultures too, Beautifying the body is a popular concept. Even the Aborigines of Australia and Africa wear adornments and decorate their bodies as peculiar to their tribe, custom and spiritual practice.

Beauty Treatments as such, however, are old as Envy itself! The term Beauty Industry seems bit of an oxymoron, as Beauty was traditionally supposed to be in the eyes of the Beholder, even as one cannot deny that make-up truly transforms your appearance. Although, I personally do not like the term ‘make-up’ because it somehow connotes ‘making up’ for what one doesn’t have, I am in full support of spoiling the Self once in a while with a little material bodily indulgence. Or dress up because any given day could be my date with Destiny! So better look my best! ;)

In the modern context and daily Life, it’s perhaps because we are so acutely aware of how we ourselves tend to judge people on the basis of how they look, looking good always has become an obsession now-a-days.

Want a little blast of artistic effervescence? A make-up artist would do the task for you using  primer, blush, or eye makeup, lash extensions, aromatherapy and makeup application etc. A hairstylist would ensure that you have the most trendy mane in town with a wide array of hairstyles and colours to choose from. You can even choose to go straight or curly, long or short with clever hair extensions and haircuts. There are hairstyles to suit every face-cut! Similarly, there are manicurists and pedicurists who specialize in the art form and care of hands, feet and nails; hand and foot massages and nail art using acrylic nails, gel nails, nail wraps, artificial nails, etc. 

One can also have exclusive skin care by having a variety of body treatments (wraps, exfoliation, hydrotherapy, spa), skin care consultations, microdermabrasions, exfoliation , skin-care facials and massages including fruit, chocolate, gold, diamond, gem and even the more macabre vampire facials which include the injection of platelet rich plasma under your skin to lend a youthful glow! Of course many of these procedures are a highly specialised form of skin care and must be performed by skilled cosmetologists only. The advance of science has meant that beauty and personal care is a lot more technological, personalised and consultatory in nature.

Like it or not, we judge and are judged by our outward appearances first. Everybody likes to make a good impression and we have an art for it. However, the idea is to not lose oneself in make-overs or get too carried away in the feeling of needing one. Because, even with your freckles or imperfect skin you are a wonder! And no commercially constructed standardised notion of Beauty will ever capture that essence! Nothing replaces inner Beauty and as we say, ‘the happiest girls are the prettiest ones!’ So, Cheers!!! 



  1. Hey!
    I loved the post.
    Even I disagree with the term make up, but one is drawn to beautify oneself to be accepted by society. And cosmetology made a business out of it.
    Nice nice :)

    1. Thanks dear! I sure had fun writing this! ;) wink wink!


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