Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Move on

“You know what, I’m done with you. Its over!” Click. Tears rolled down her cheeks, ready to smudge her black kohl. All the memories flashed in her head. Hands covering her face, she recalled the conversation she had just a minute before. “You are being cynic again. I was at home only, what the hell are you talking about!” he was shouting at the other end of the call, reacting to her questions about being with other girl.

 Her friend, Naina had spotted him getting cozy with his secretory in one of the old pubs in suburb last night, when according to him, he was at home, sleeping. “Trust me.” She could hear him lie; “I love you”. How badly she wanted to believe these 3 words. Naina had warned her about him being a Casanova, so proving her doubt, she had clicked the intimate scenes from last night. “Yeah. It’s over. It’s ALL over!” She sobbed to herself, sitting at the edge of her bed.

 “You need to move on! Common! You can’t sit whole day and cry.” Naina visited her.  “Move on? How? With all those memories, talks, walks, kisses, hugs, gifts!” she almost shot back crying harder. “It’s not that easy. You won’t understand.”

There was a lump in her throat. “Right. I don’t understand.” Silence made Naina walk down the memory lane, she had left behind, forgotten, dumped and MOVED ON. She gets a flash, she smiles. It was real, it was right, but it burned hard to survive. All that left was ashes. After all the time spent together, she hadn’t known why she lost. With all the memories she had got, she re-lived days with them. “This is it. Let go. Breathe” Naina slurred almost like a whisper.

“You don’t have to hate yourself for what has happened. You can’t force anyone to love and be with you for your sake. Understand this. Just try to overcome the time you both had. I don’t want you to be sad. I don’t want you to hold on this, just walk away! Be big enough for yourself, be happy!” her sobs became lighter.
“You would be running in circles all day long. You will be out of breath. But you need to be strong. You will think you are losing, but you will get your way. Time heals all wounds with its strength. You gotta start again. If only you knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow!” Sobs more lighter. “You don’t have to feel like a waste, used up piece, you need to gather yourself, walk right out the door to accept the reality and give yourself, your life, your heart a new chance. Don’t sink in with the bad moments. Retain your worth. You need to survive, get it through. You took a shot with the bad boy, picked your love from the sky, Mr. Wrong played his part, you learnt a lesson. Now try your luck with something new. It’s too much to ask, for real love, true love, its one love, one chance. Someone, someday will sweep you off the floor, with love, you just need to be patient.” She giggled pushing aside her last tear drop.

“He wants you, he needs you, believe me, he will be calling, crawling.  But you get up, break up, break him down and he will be kicking and screaming! He will give you the lame excuse, do the confessions but he should be the one to loose. Let him know, he just can’t have it back. Show him what he’s been missing, his place, not in your heart, but under your shoes!” Now she was smiling, no more tears. “Thanks yar.” They hugged.  “So where are we hitting tonight?” Naina winked.

She had started to MOVE ON. 



  1. i just love, love your article. it beautifully portrays the emotions of a broken heart.
    i wish i had a Naina in my "break up" phase.
    well written.

    1. Thanks a lot Tanya :-) :-D
      Glad u liked it !
      There's naina in every best friend ;-)


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