Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Love vs Relationships

The 14th February is gone and with it the week of romance and love ends. Now you can go back to the older you. Ignore her, do not call her up, make her wait for you, rebuke her, call her a bitch and do whatever you want to do, because the Valentine week is over and nobody is gonna ask u ‘how your relationship is going? And what new surprise you has got planned for her?’

Don’t you think the times of romance are now gone by? Don’t you think now we live in an Era where Love is basically a need? Don’t you agree with me that you are not in Love, you are just in a Relationship?

It was easier for you to enamor her because she too was looking for Someone like you—make it a note you had list of qualities when you were looking for someone; while love always was and will be a serendipity—and hence one day when you guys were enjoying drinks over a football match in a sports bar Love happened.

The first look was basically a test to check whether she qualifies all the eligibility criteria or not, whether she has cute curves or not, whether she has a dimple or not and whether she is hot or not.

We have re-defined things and transformed Love into a Relationship. Yep! You are not in Love, you are just in a Relationship. 

If you are considering her before Signing Up for companionship you are subconsciously making an inventory of terms and conditions. You are concentrating more on plus points and less on the negative ones. Once the agreement is signed by both of you. You acquire a right to cash on all the discount coupons your partner is providing you with. You will cover the first base then the second base, you will be taking your hands in all the places and one day you will realize it is all boring and this relationship has got nothing new to offer and baaam you will break up! Now you are single—a time to re-work on the demerits you have as a human—and you are again looking for someone to fall in love(relationship) with.

You will meet another chick at another bar; her cute breast will inspire you to take over, her modern intellect with a sexy demeanor will inspire many things inside you, and her round ass will just sweep the floor making you Fall in Love again. You will approach her with a grin on your face, she will turn around, look at you( a quick check) and congratulations you are in love(relationship) again.

The same old paradigm will be repeated, the first base, the second base, hands in all the weird places and then BREAK UP!!!

You know what went wrong? The inventory you made before signing up for a relationship—it had all the pros and no cons—with the girl you met an hour ago. Relationship is like a coin, it has two faces. Till the time heads is up you can enjoy all the so called features she has. Once the coin gets flipped you will realize how moody and irritating the person you are dating is! But then what to do? Leave her and find someone else?

Nope! Not again, don’t follow the same old paradigm of falling in love instead realize what Love is? Help yourself become a better partner and then wait for the one who inspire you in the same way every other girl did, enamor her again, take her too to bed and your hands in all the cozy places and when every coupon she had is spent, wait look at her smile, if it inspires you equally spend your life with her; because love is not about the things your partner has got to serve you with love is about sticking together even when you have nothing.



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