Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Self Policing

How many times a day we comment on the way a person prefers dressing. How much of time we spend every day judging others. How many times does our comment or judgment make things better? Do we even consider how sentimental our slander may be? Do we even try to decipher the genesis of the way in which one behaves?

 Will we ever change? Will we ever understand others?

No! Not until we are on the other side of the road.

Been on the other side of the road, we would have understood, how it feels to be one with no fortune, with no luck and with no happiness. Life has long ceased to be fair and to us life is good because we are lucky or in layman’s word because our parents have got money.

Money these days is an onerous thing with a cryptic meaning. Money brings to us everything-food, friends, relatives, happiness and love. Money without love is a waste and a love without money is embarrassing.
How we have turned into so hard shelled? Since, when we lost the hinterland values? What made us so stiff? Will we live like this all our life? Will this ever end? 

The answer lies within you. The answer lies in Self-Policing.
Self-Policing is merely a term in English language which means-‘the process of keeping order or maintaining control within a community without accountability or reference to an external authority’, but in the situation we all are living in, the way we all have got succumbed in our shells, this term is no less than an anecdote.

We all need to get accused of being ignorant and get investigated for the damage we have made to us, others and to our planet. Yep, not just we humans, our thoughts with bad frequency damages the planet too; and with the speed we are judging people and declaring our opinions as gospel no doubt we will not need any nuclear weapon to annihilate our planet.

Self-policing can help us attain peace and can help us make this planet a better place to live. Every-time you think of someone of as creepy and weird just because they dress-up differently ask yourself ‘why will anyone deliberately like to be a laughter stock’. I am not suggesting you to develop a self-doubt, but I am requesting you to be generous and intellectual. A mind with intellect thinks over things and acts accordingly. A mind of animal with no intellect attacks; and not to forget we are human beings.

Self-policing is considered to be a part of yoga; where we tend to understand our short comings and overcome them with the help of Meditation and physical exercises. Yoga(ancient word for exercise) is the best way available to understand one self. When you start understanding yourself you start understanding the world.

We all small, big, gay, straight, black or white need to understand ourselves. We need to understand this world moves in a cycle. We need to understand we all are a part of that cycle and we need to understand the disruption in cycle may lead us back to the genesis of life which is assumed to be dark, very dark.

Do everything you want to do but make sure nobody is getting hurt; nobody suffers a loss in your gain and make sure you are making your planet a better place to live.



  1. Good one and exact words you've spoken in a straight, simple language. No fancy words or unnecessary twisted up language!! liked it.

  2. hooting from audience is easier than shouting from the dias. When one goes out of a circle, he will be avoided to complete the remaining circle. So, you have said truly that we got to live in cycle of life without disturbing balance.
    Congrats for 150th beauty of literature.


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