Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Resolution for resolutions

The resolutions which are easily given a miss and forgotten overnight are New Year resolutions. The only resolutions which give a competition to them are political resolutions and promises made by our eminent leaders. Jokes apart, we often here these words “New year resolutions” as Christmas ends and countdown starts for the dawning new year. Some people do that as a commitment towards personal goals or habit reformations. Few scribble them down for fun-sake and forget them even before the celebrations end. As per wiki there are even religious parallels to this tradition. The ancient Babylonians and Romans used to make promises to God. There are many more beliefs associated to these New Year oaths which people take. The question here is, do people actually succeed and fulfil their resolutions meticulously throughout the year and who all can actually do it?

Few famous resolutions which top the list of any common man are to lose weight, eat healthy, progress in career, earn more, quit drinking and so on so forth. There’s a saying Obesity doesn’t run in the family. It happens as nobody runs in the family.” Every one start day dreaming as December approaches and quickly scribble their diet charts and plans on a note pad and even paste them on their cupboards. 

First week, they will be in high spirits. They buy some amazing stuff- heavy priced gym tracks, tees, Adidas trainers, sneakers, towels etc.  The couch potatoes who never experienced exercise get jealous seeing the gym kit .They curse under their breath hoping that the guy/ girl should not look like Hrithik Roshan / Kareena kapoor in the next few months. Their wish totally gets fulfilled as the person’s New Year resolution is thwarted in no time.

 A project party, a get together, a wedding event and diet will go to toss. A trip with friends, long lazy winter nights and running becomes a long lost dream. Starting from scratch is painful. They slowly lose vigour, enthusiasm and strike out their resolutions. One fine day you wake up and you see that the cello tape of the scribbled note also lost vigour .The note smiles meekly and looks at you weakly from the dustbin. To stick to your exercise regime or to that matter any other resolution you need to resist your temptation, let go off your demons which stop you from doing it, you should prioritise your to do list , you should think every minute about your resolution. It’s hard at first but slowly it becomes an addiction which you can’t get rid of.  Demons attract you faster than angles.  For instance the chances of a non-smoker becoming a smoker when a smoker friend accompanies him are high than a smoker quitting it. The mantra for the success of any resolution is a strong will. Strong enough to shoo away anyone who stands between you and your resolution.

Few tips for long lasting resolutions are like below:

Start small and slow: You may do just a 20min work out in the first three days and increase it slowly day by day. Sweating out 1hr for 3days and relaxing for the rest of the week is not done. It’s similar to quitting smoking and drinking all together for a month and restarting again.

Learn to say No:  Say no with a gentle smile to whoever offers you a burger or a double scooped ice cream etc. You must have a real brave heart to say no, but the end result tastes sweeter than the ice cream, the taste of which lasts for few min.

Focus on the process rather than the end result: As they say success is a journey and not the destination. You will never even notice when you accomplished your goal. Complete every small step carefully and religiously.

Celebrate: Never forget to celebrate your accomplishment. Reward yourself. If you get a new job after a thorough search you deserve to treat yourself. If you lost few pounds by the end of 3months a small scoop may not harm. DONT GET DROWNED IN THE JOY OR DISSATISFACTION.

Face the fears and waning enthusiasm: your enthusiasm may lessen and totally vanish at some point. When you are in such a danger zone try getting diverted. Take your time to come back.

Think and think more: Think of your resolutions before you sleep, when you wake up, when you cook, gossip, eat. In short think of it every second. It shouldn’t be that tough considering the fact that we think and rethink few useless things endlessly.

Get good compatriots: Get acquainted to people who can assist you in your goals, who may have similar goals to reach.

Be clear and specific about your goals so that they are not thwarted. Make resolutions which are achievable. Don’t overdo and avoid them. Important of all is choose a resolution for yourself. Don’t do it for other’s sake. Start now because “Now is the new tomorrow

That’s it.  Lose weight, change your wardrobe, get more social, take a dance class or a singing class and start planning to fulfil your passions. Do anything and everything which pleases you, but remember to not make fun of your own resolution due to self-deception. Resolutions always make you a better person if followed. You will be amazed by the immense happiness you will be subjected to once you taste the accomplishment of your goals. Are you feeling geared up? I definitely am!



  1. Great resolutions indeed..Loved the write-up :-)

  2. very nice blog :)
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  3. i agree with you Afshan. the tips are really useful for those of us who struggle to succeed with their resolutions. great write up :)


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