Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Being Single

     “They didn’t agree on much. In fact they didn’t agree on anything, they fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite of their differences they had one thing in common they were crazy about each other” 

she read and smiled, it reminded her of her favourite duo- Arima and Ayaan, they were finally together and no one in the world could be more happier than her, they completed each other in ways that could not be understood, it was then she knew what love was like, she had read books about it, books about fairy tale love and thought it was just fiction, something so powerful, so magical could just exist in books and stories; but Arima and Ayaan made all her conclusions go wrong, her theories failed. They had what people would call fairy tale love, what everyone longed and wished for, that could make people jealous, and now this is what she longed for and wished to have.

 But world is not a wish granting factory she thought.

 Her phone buzzed and she was woken up from her reverie. “Happy valentine’s day chimpanzee!” the voice on the other side said “I know you’ve been quite busy these days planning your sister’s wedding deciding what theme and all but let me remind you that there are people like me who miss their best friends, plus it is valentine’s day and I’m all alone, why do people have to celebrate all these days, what do we single people do and now even you have ditched me.” He whined and she laughed.

“Stop laughing, do you even know how bad I feel being alone on Valentine’s Day?”
“Tell me about it” she said and he laughed.
 “Okay meet me at bistro in half an hour and let us celebrate singledom together. Okay?”
 “Okay” she said.
“Bye chimpanzee” he said and before she could yell he disconnected.      
“Chimpanzee” he shouted when he saw her and hugged. She made a face “atleast don’t call me that in public, Sid.”
 “Let the world know you inhibit chimpanzee genes and calling you Aashi, it is too plain” he teased.
 “It is useless to argue with you right?”
 “Yes” he said and beamed “come let’s sit and enjoy what I hate the most about me “being single”.”
 “As if I’m enjoying it” she replied and they laughed
“Let’s get something to eat shall we?” he said.
“Yes I’m dying of hunger”
“Two cappuccinos and two double cheese sandwiches” she could hear him ordering, that was the thing about Sid he knew what she wanted even when she said nothing.
“What are you looking at?” he asked when he returned.
“Love is in the air”, she winked pointing out all the couples around, “funny isn’t it, one day you’re all alone enjoying, having fun like you have everything in the world and then the cupid’s arrow hits and every belief you had changes, it is difficult to be single when everyone around you is deeply and madly in love, when you’ve seen that love like fairy tales truly exist, it is hard not dreaming or longing of something of the same sort happening to you and you know what I want it bad I’m done being single and I have had enough of single-dom. I can take it no more.”


“I know. I know this sounds crazy but this is what I feel, I don’t want to be single any more. I do want the same love story as Arima jiji and Ayaan have. I want someone to love me as insanely as he loves her.” she sighed.
“Okay this is news, where do we find a male chimpanzee for you?” he said golloping.
“Can’t you for once take anything seriously?”

“NO, serious is too mainstream and let me remind you that we’ve decided to enjoy and celebrate singledom today and not fret about being single, but now when you’ve come up with the topic, let me give you some golden pieces of advice, the idea of not having someone may make you sad and isolated but fret not it is not that bad my dear dear chimpanzee, let me tell you the perks of being single and you’ll never want to get into a relationship.” he said and smiled her favourite crooked smile
  You have all my attention” she said teasing.
“See first of all you save lots and lots of money; then, you don’t have to use your precious brain in planning all those romantic dates, and then fooood” he said “you don’t have to share your food with anyone and you can eat it all.” she laughs.
 “Your life is free of the mushiness and you don’t have to compromise your beauty sleeps to the mushy valentine messages, plus being single on valentines gives you the license to flirt with anyone” he winked
 “You got 99 problems senorita but buying a gift is not one of them and not to forget you can watch the WORLD CUP without any disturbances. A laugh escaped her lips.

 “Thank you, thank you. I know I’m awesome.”

 “Yes I know and I understand how it feels and I’m sad that the cupid’s arrow hasn’t hit yet, but no worries, it is worth the wait and until then my chimpanzee you have me at your service, I’ll keep on entertaining you” she blushed.

 “And now if you continue blabbering about love and keep reminding me of how single I am, I’m leaving.Valentine ’s Day and it’s side effect pfft!” she laughed.
“So now let us a raise to singledom and saving lots and lots of money and an uninterrupted world cup?”

“Cheers” she said smiling.

There they were sharing a comfortable silence, partners in crime what they called themselves, to the world they were however just friends, but just friends don’t hold each other like they did and hardly did they know that the universe had something else planned for them; that this was the beginning of another fairy tale.



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