Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Kiss Day

The Kiss Day

This wasn’t surely a day I had been waiting for. Unlike most of my friends who had planned for a perfect evening with their girlfriends, I was totally unprepared. It sometimes made me wonder, “Who the hell on earth planned the valentine week?” I mean, “Come on! Why do you need special days to show love?” No wonder the valentine week leaves you with very less money in your pocket but it is all paid off when you live the moments with your “special one”.

And I love “her”! It was Rose Day when I got her a bunch of flowers and was completely lost in the glow I saw in her eyes. Her smile was my reward. Next was Propose Day! I proposed her in the same manner as I had earlier, it was her wish. Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day and Hug Day, we celebrated all of them. Ahh!! Today is the KISS DAY. I do not need money to buy her any gifts. All I want is to get over my nervousness and make it the best day of the week. I want to kiss her!!

Arima is her name. We hailed from the same city and had got admitted to Delhi University. She was my junior and I was introduced to her only by chance. I’d known her through one of our mutual friends, Diksha. She wanted me to help Arima adjust in Delhi. I still thank God (and obviously Diksha) for that day. No! It wasn’t love at first sight nor did we fall for each other for over a year.
I had never noticed the beauty in her simplicity. It was the cultural day of our college and Arima wore a light orange color sari. I was startled by her elegance. I could not help but look at her constantly all through the day. Not just the day, she was the one who haunted me even at night. My mind toggled. “Was I in love?” “Does Arima like me?” “Is it just an infatuation?”

July 25, 2013 was the day I proposed her. It was five months after the cultural day. We had gone out for an evening walk. As always, I had not planned anything. There was something inside me that pushed me to tell her how much I love her. In a total filmy style, I went down on my knees to express my feelings for her. My legs were trembling and hands shivered. I could not feel my heart beat. All this while, Arima stood gasping at me which made me more anxious. “I love you!!” Yes, I said that to her. It was the happiest day of my life.

Today is Feb13, 2014 - the kiss day! We decided to go for a dinner at a new restaurant as she had suggested. I could not even speak properly for most of the day. I wanted to kiss her like any other boyfriend would. But what did Arima think? I did not want to ruin our relationship just because of a kiss. Though it had been six months to our relationship, I couldn’t predict what was on her mind.

We had a candle light romantic dinner. The music, her eyes, the candles, the flowers all created a perfect aura for the beautiful evening. By this time, I forgot about the kiss day. We left the restaurant and drove back to the college campus. I stopped the car in front of the girls’ hostel and said good night, it was late. She leaned forward, kissed me, said good night and rushed into the hostel. It wasn’t a long a kiss but our first kiss. I went back to my hostel and texted her. “Happy Kiss Day”.



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