Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Teddy Day

“My head is under water..but I am breathing fine..!!
You are crazy and I am out of my mind..
Cause all of me..!
Loves all of you..!!”

John lagend’s words were gripping my soul. The food lay cold in the oven. Plants on the corridor needed watering. My wardrobe called for critical action. I had several things to do. But I was drowning in memories. Damn!!

Though I was not doing any favor on that black leather couch, I put myself sluggishly on. Still it was not complaining the way it had been treated since the past 3-4 hrs. I was nibbling on those chocolates without any concerns whatsoever that I may put on weight..!! My consciousness pointed out.. "No sillies..!!"

I was missing him. Badly. Swearing by the millions of nerves that reach to my heart!! Romance served in a scientific way. Flash back!!

It wasn’t a good idea to keep mum. I did not even give him a clue that day. My heart skips a beat every time I think about the first day i met him. A gentle brush of his fingers would send shivers down my spine. Dizzying pleasure.

I cannot tell if I fell for him the moment I saw him. I didn’t fall for him when he said “keep wearing them, look pretty on you”. Pointing out at my glasses. Neither did I fall for him when I caught him staring at me while I was reading my novel nor when he was swaggering about I-had-fifty-girlfriends-stories. Liar.  I am not in the business of denying my true feelings…. So yeah ..i didn’t just fall..i fell hard for him. You can’t be exactly sure when it happens. All you know is that it’s right here and now. (Smiles.!)

I Never thought that getting back to home after completing an exchange program in France would change my destiny forever. It was inconceivable to meet someone in a weird –stable like coffee shop and for what-good-i-have-done –in my –past-life sake, he had the pass for same train I was going from. Four days with him. Train to flight, trams, local fair in that town, we spent 2 hrs in that stupid toy game. He had grueling four attempts to win that “teddy” from the glass covered box. Macho!

It was undoubtedly kiddish for a 6 feet guy having a Greek nose and a sensual mouth to have a hint of dimples in his chiseled cheeks. "Holy cow! He is gorgeous indeed!", I had thought. He didn’t make it clear on my face but I know he wanted to see my cuteness hidden behind my nerdy glasses. I wanted that stuffed thing to be gifted to the kid standing next to me. But the kid inside that hunk insisted me to keep it with me. I guess I was one certified fool in this whole world, the thing which could be life saving for me on that precise moment “the teddy” ..had lower priority than my novels.

 I held it in my hand. Relived those moments again, smiling like a 16 year old teen!!

Love has that effect on people. It makes you go crazy. Even how-matures –can –act-silly-theory buzz you , that 250 grams of a teddy can make you feel a stir of sheer bliss. Oh gosh.. Indeed!


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