Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Rose Day

A Rose Day Story

"Missing him was dark grey all alone,
Forgetting him was like trying to know
Someone you have never met,
But loving him was Red,
Loving him was Red..

Red roses were her favorite. She cut the stems of the beautiful big roses growing outside her window and assorted them in a large vase. Taylor Swift, the modern goddess of love and longing was filling the vacant spaces of her lonely apartment with notes of Love.

What is the colour of the day, she wondered in her heart. The colour Red or Blue of the blues that stood for missing her true heart. It had been an year they had talked to each other. More than a physical seperation, it was a painful uncoupling of his heart from hers. For days she was dreary and dazed. It was like losing a limb. Her heart was constantly aching and missing, constantly bleeding. As she tied the red roses in a neat red ribbon, she wondered how entangled her helpless heart was. Still full of love, still full of hopes and dreams of "one day, maybe".

Ever since you left, she spoke under her breath, you took my memory with you. The only thing i remember is you. I keep forgetting my keys, everyday my stuff gets stolen, the rice is undercooked, the Muse has left my writing desk. Where have you gone? Taking everything I had with you? She sighed and wondered if the cob webs of her memories would let her live.

Suddenly her heart became so  heavy that she  sat down in her chair, as she used to sit down everyday; looking out of the window, looking till the far distance for what she in her wild heart did not have the heart to escape. She loved the comfort of the old, the companionship that comes with steadiness. The home and the hearth... and he liked to leave, coz he loved to see new places. He was adventurous. He was not scared of anyone, anything. Not even her. He was not scared of losing her.

She decided to read the old messages again. Signed into her inbox which the two of them had created with their joint names. There was an unread e-mail! And many others!

Her heart was beating so hard on the ribcage it was tough to bear the dizziness of her senses as she went on and clicked on the latest unread mail it had. One more message of heartbreak?

Dear Hippo,

I am in Ireland. Far away from you. I tried calling on you so many times. Everytime I get the message that your number is not available anymore.

(Ohh! She thought! She had lost her phone months back and did not feel the need to buy one again! It was like there was no one to talk to after he left.. Oh no!,

I sent you countless mails but it feels like you hate me already. Anyways, my year at the Trinity is coming to an end and I am coming back to India. Just hoping that you would read this one and please forgive me. I hope you stay at the same address. I would come to your place with a bunch of roses and lay down my heart for you. Cross my heart and hope to die. Coz I know how much you love roses and I hope you know that I love you!


It must have been the happiest day of her Life. Thus far.


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