Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine's Week;- Chocolate Day

She hurried towards the main door, almost tripping on the objects in the way; her heart was beating wildly with anticipation. She stopped to have one last look at herself in the window pane, her face turning crimson red with a hot blush, adding further allure to her porcelain complexion. Oh, that blush!! He always loved how easily she used to turn coy! With a pulsing heart, she unbolted the door.

'Heart to Heart Bakers', a big box greeted her read...curving her lips into the brightest smile she had had in months but which quickly shaped into a frown as the figure holding the box spoke up:, “Ms. Arima? This is your parcel we were asked to deliver.”

Thanking the guy, she stepped back in the house, her hands delicately holding the box, the fingers trailing over the note stuck to it. The same rugged handwriting resonating his impatience, she thought to herself, as she read on:

Dear Hippo,

My love for you just hiked up ‘cause you gave more importance to this note, than to the giant, crackle stuffed, chocolate cake inside this box. I couldn't be happier.
Well, well, before you hurl your curses, the fact that you are holding this box (and smiling) makes me happy, that I am still there..somewhere in your life.

There's still a lot more to be said...but I know you can't control anymore. Be a little kind to the cake.


With a smile that lit up her eyes, she undid the box, only to give out a baffled look. Instead of the cake she was dying to taste, there lay a mirror in the box, with yet another note that read:

Just look at your face! You really thought I was going to let you gobble up a whole cake alone?
There! That killing anger I so badly love. You still look stunning with that look, Hippo! *_*

And by the way, you see that beauty in the mirror? Do let her know she still makes my heart ripple, even at a mere thought of her.
I hope this compensates well for the missing cake? Few sweet words, and you fall for my charm. I am just awesome, right? ;)
Chill, we’ll soon be devouring one, together. And I was kidding, you know you are beautiful :)

Till then (and forever),
I love you

Failing to conceal it anymore, she finally let out a smile. Yes, his words, even if poking fun at her, swayed her heart. That was because she adored the way he understood every bit of her thoughts. And that made her heart melt, every single time. And she loved the feeling, just like she loved the melted chocolate she had just pulled out from her bag, to accompany her on the trip down the memory lane, as she hummed:

Be my moon, and I’ll be your star
Let our love be bitter-sweet,
Like this chocolate bar


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