Thursday, 14 November 2013

Time's Lost Atlas Give Away

The wait is finally over. We are out with our first book Time's Lost Atlas

Time's Lost Atlas is a very unique project where 11 authors have come together to write about 11 events that happened in the decade from 2001-2011 which changed the way we saw the world around us. With their stories they will take you back in time when all those events happened making you see them in a newer light, bringing back memories of those times to you and leaving you feeling nostalgic.So now as we have announced earlier it is time for our first contest as well.

Half Baked Beans proudly announces it's first giveaway where you have a chance to enter and win 5 copies of Time's Lost Atlas. To answer the immediate question in your mind all that you have to do is :

Write. Yes we are in love with the written word. So as the book talks about the bygone times we would like you to write about such a time where you would want to go (Past/ Future) and why. The five best entries stand to win our first book.

To make it more simple we are opening this contest to one and all. All you need to do is leave your entry as a comment on our blog .
You could write it on your blogs or even upload it as a Facebook note and leave the links here for our judges to choose the best amongst them all.

The contest will open on 20th November 2013 and will go on till 10th December 2013 midnight. So what are you guys waiting for, put on your thinking caps and get time travelling!!!

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  1. I loved the book;;


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