Friday 13 December 2013

Joy and Hue of Christmas

“Jingle bells, jingle bells
 Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh!”

Christmas every year reminds me the sleigh, reindeers, Santa Claus, snow, North Pole and the dreamy celebrations there with fog and mist and everything which will change the mood and bring the festive spirit in me! Advent  is a season observed by many western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated in various ways throughout the world ranging from hanging the Christmas wreath which has many legends linked to it that say holly is the most known Christmas greenery and Jesus’ crown is made of it and holly berries represent his blood, the Christmas stockings which are hanged so that Santa Claus can fill it with fruits, toy, gifts, candies, Candy canes and also lighting the Christmas tree and adorning the houses with the Christmas star. Specially In India where the festive season starts in October   itself with Dusshera followed by Diwali- the festival of lights and then Christmas with glittering trees and stars it seems like the nation is in all time celebration mood.

With the advent of this festive season markets and malls bustle with crowds irrespective of the religion who are seen purchasing stuff to celebrate in their own way. You can see Christmas trees and lights on almost every mall with discounts, offers and vouchers. It’s pretty exciting to do shopping in the festive season and get dressed in the best way exuding style and elegance. Christmas is celebrated with thrill and pomp where families prepare a big Christmas dinner, bake cookies and make fudge. I still remember the doughnuts I used to hog when my best friend used to bring them to school post-Christmas. The hectic shopping activity is never ending and brings smiles throughout the season. In India most exhilarating celebration of Christmas can be seen in the vivacious state of Goa. A large number of domestic and international tourists flock to the beaches of Goa during Christmas festival to watch Goa at its cultural best. It’s celebrated in various states in various styles.

Even in corporate offices it’s good to see that everyone stops doing the mundane work and plans events and games on account of Christmas and then the new-year comes in a jiffy. They plan cake cutting and fun games like dumb charades, singing. We breathlessly disclose our New Year resolutions. Every one irrespective of their religion blends in the festive hue and the festival also gives a chance to people to sing Christmas carols and also dance and play guitar. It is the time to wipe off boundaries, forget miseries and start a new beginning as it also marks the end of the year.  The baggage of sorrows of the year passed by should be shredded and Christmas and New Year must be invited with new hopes and aspirations.

I personally love the concept of Santa Claus. This legendary, mythical Saint Nicholas referred to as Santa brings gifts to the homes of good children over the night of Christmas Eve. You got to watch the movie POLAR EXPRESS if you want to really feel the Christmas spirit and believe in Santa. It’s a movie with subtle moral where a boy whose belief in Santa becomes firm after he travels in polar express. A must watch during this season. The wild excitement and merriment fills the holiday season with giving and taking of gifts.


The Christmas play in schools and also offices is interesting to watch every year with themes and wonderful costumes. A Christmas without the Christmas tree is incomplete. The fragrance and essence of the Xmas trees have been an integral part of the celebrations as well as of the family unit from ages. Variety of conifers act as Xmas trees and gifts are placed under the tree, as family and friends gather around to celebrate the birth of Christ. Christmas is loved by all as it brings holidays with it. School going students finish their half yearly exams and wait eagerly for Christmas eve , the cake ,gifts and cards. Employees wait for at least a day off to go out, relax and have fun. Old people wait for their kids to arrive home.

Christmas also gives chance to entrepreneurs and marketers to release new products or to get better ideas for the ads depicting national integrity and unity.

Any festival gives an excuse to celebrate and forget the bad memories and start afresh. So friends, this Christmas decide whom you will be making happy and how you want to be different. Take time for yourself. Take time to wish people. Surprise them with gifts and a smile you bring on others faces will double the joy! Don’t forget to watch some all time famous movies like home alone, it’s a wonderful life, polar express and many more which show the beautiful Christmas.

Start your Christmas shopping today. Buy the confetti, glitter, gift wraps and anything which will please you and your family and friends. Above all you yourself possess the strength to drive out the demons and invite the angels. Stay happy and stay blessed.  Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all



  1. Thanks for the wonderful detail about Christmas celebrations. Here, we celebrate Christmas every year. The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas tree is decorated in our home. Also, Christmas lights around our house is already on.

    1. Thanks again for reading SG !!
      Merry X mas to u all. Hav great fun !

  2. You are so right when you said festivals give us an excuse to forget and start fresh.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Afshan.

    1. If only people "use" that excuse it will always be a celebration !
      thanks for reading and thanks for wishes Nidhi
      Same to U!

  3. I want to remain a child at heart and believe in Santa Claus, forever :) Thanks for this lovely post and wish you a merry X'Mas.

    1. Thanks Sulekha for caring to read and comment !
      I too believe in Santa (in one form or the other)
      wish u all a merry xmas too

  4. Home Alone (1 & 2) have got to be my all time favorite Xmas movies - I can imagine that western countries are completely decked up during this time!

    1. Thanks for ur comment. Ya A christmas deserves watching these great movies Fabida :) U shud watch polar express too !!
      I would love to visit a snow clad country during x mas
      Thanks for reading and acknowledging


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