Tuesday, 17 December 2013

An Ode to Summer

There is a time for everything, 
a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
A time for love and (no) time for hate..

Seasons, they are all beautiful. They come with a tip-toe, very coyly at first, and then grow more comfortable as they settle around you! They express themselves in full force and then subside, quietly carrying you onto the threshold of the next.

Autumn, one of the most evocative seasons of all . With the pleasant snap in the air and clear sunny skies, the 'fall' offers a beautiful palette to the eye. The nip in the air is getting colder by the day and we will soon be brought to Winter's doorstep to the welcome of the great season. It would wrap us in a blanket and sit us by the warmth of the hearth where we enjoy our conversations and weave our Christmas dreams! Bountiful sunshine becomes a warm blessing. People turn inward, both mentally and physically. 

We keep our knees together till cold winds start blowing, drawing out the Winter from our bones. Winter’s gone and it’s time now to Say Hello! to Spring! It’s like being at Heaven’s footsteps! A cool breeze, flowers all around. The plants and animals are beginning to show up again. Earth encouragingly pushes out new saplings into the sun. Everything is budding and blossoming and surging and throbbing and grunting and forgetting to call the next day. Spring is an affirmation of irrepressibility of life. The inevitable goodness and bounty of growth.

And then come Summers.. Ah! Summers. There is that one season that you truly love and wait for it to come again and surround you with it's love. The other seasons you can appreciate with your eyes, but Summer you feel all over your body, on your skin, in between your toes and in your bones. 

Summer is the season of heat! And somehow if you doubt why you are feeling more of an animal in the season with your tongue out, consider how less you wear in the Summers! Fresh light clothing of any colour, large sunglasses, beautiful chappals and your hair tied up stylishly.. how gorgeous can you get with Summers with a cool drink in hand and an attitude to match! Men can live it up too. Your body is burning everything you eat and you are on the go! Light as a butterfly (if you don’t factor in the crowd and the humidity)! And then sometimes it rains.. and how green and fresh everything is. How rejuvenating! Mornings arrive early and evenings are long and beautiful.. Sunsets can not be missed! Nights are comfortably cool and you can recognize the constellations easily in the sky! So it turns out that if you can beat the Sun down, Summers are the coolest Season indeed. So, give me Summer and you can have the whole package of Fall, Winter and Spring, et al!

Three and a half months to go...

P.S.  I am selfish enough to claim the rainy ‘season’ as a part of my favourite season!



  1. Totally agree. Summer time is the best, and ahh those delicious summer treats!!

    P.S. M a junie! Another reason to love this season;)

  2. Very well written. Looks like you have never been to Chennai during summer season.


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