Monday, 23 December 2013

The change in Politics

It was 2004, when Congress came to power once again, sidelining the strong and courageous government of NDA, led by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The country subconsciously knew, Atal Ji ka time ho gya hai and at that moment they hardly saw Advani Ji as the next PM; hence Congress was voted to power. Congress emerged as a strong party in 2004 general elections under the shade of UPA-I. The big names like Pranab Mukherjee, P. Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh did added loads of power to the parliament. The first half of the first financial year was good and productive, India did felt Incredible! With Lalu Prasad Yadav making railway achieve the required impediment, the stations were found cleaner and safer.

But, nothing lasts forever and Promises of Politicians are neither even meant to last. Things started turning clumsy, messy, irrational and finally futile. The government tasted failure at almost every front and the economy bared the ill effects of the wrong practices. Sudden increase in the number of Scams and the inflation in the price of LPG and other petroleum products did made the whole country squirm. The prices were rolling like the reel of a camera set to 32X speed.

People started questioning, protesting. The government did experience a setback when news like “Reliance Ke saath Alliance” hit the TV screen. By this time, people of India had decided and were ready to vote Congress out of power.

2009, general elections were held and astonishingly Congress (UPA-II) was voted to power with full majority.

There was a conflict between the different classes of People.

Well, that’s history now and the only logical explanation available for the astonishing result is Law of Attraction, while trying to vote congress out of power, the general public was constantly attracting Congress into their life again and again, as a result UPA-II formed a central government and changed India forever.

World’s biggest democracy experienced denial to speech, Short Messaging Service (SMS) was limited to 5 SMS per day during the August-September 2012. Later in December 2012, the capital city faced Closed Metro Routes, when they tried to reach India Gate to protest silently and draw candle march for the girl whose rape and murder case made its way to the Forbes List.

Not only this, there’s more; GDP went below 5%; India got banned from Olympics, Pakistan kept sending dead bodies of our soldiers and America kept coaxing our government for the amendments in foreign exchange policy(FDI is the price America drew from our Amputated and Spineless Government).

But by this time, the Aam Admi had woken up; actually the alarming situation was making sound and the Junta was feeling the intensity of vibrations. People slowly and gradually realized it was not the government who was wrong; it was their choice which was wrong.

Meanwhile, the bench of Supreme Court was seen super active; taking toll over almost every move of the incompetent government.
On the other hand an IAS was busy cleaning the roads of Delhi with a Jhadu (Broom) in his hand and a Chaiwala was busy motivating the youth of the Country.

With the Chaiwala and IAS getting popular on social network among the youth, it was the Shehjada who won the title of Epitome of Trolls.


The tenure of UPA-II is coming to end;  BJP has already beaten Congress by 4-0 in general state elections throughout the country.
Amidst all this, there’s a question which scares equally as much as it relieves.

Is it truly a new morning or just the wearing effect of the party Congress had over these 9 long years?



  1. Nice post and an interesting question. I would pose the same question in a different way. Are the people of India running towards something or running away from something?

  2. Can we see the change in coming years ? Only time can say. People are hungry for a change. Your thoughts nicely put across Pranav


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