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Rearview- My Roadies Journey - A book review

Starting today we begin a new segment on our blog - The Book Reviews. As always our bloggers have given their valuable feedback on each of these books very delectably chosen and dissected. We believe Indian authors have a lot of potential and talent to be nurtured further to make them international best sellers. Our attempt at bringing you the best of them.
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Book- Rearview- My Roadies Journey.
Publisher- Rupa Publications.
Pages- 312.
Author- Raghu Ram.
Genre- Autobiography.
From the Jacket-
What is going on in the contestants mind? Does he admire me, respect me and hate me? Fear me? May be all of the above. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand the Roadies form that has F-k you Raghu, written all over it, I don’t understand the poster that was held up this year during the Chandigarh auditions that read, Baaptohbaaphotahai. Raghu Rox, I see equal parts respect, equal parts loathing. Equal parts Raghu, equal parts the bully. There is a man tall, bald, muscular, intimidating who manages to induce terror and awe in all those who dare walk into his interrogation room.
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There was once a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood. This is the story of how that boy became the man he is today: part-time singer, song-writer and jammer, full-time producer, camera man and editor. Sherlock Holmes and Batman worshipper, staunch atheist with an innate fear of water and heights. This is the autobiography of the rudest man on Indian television. Raghu Ram, the original Roadie, split wide open.

If you haveteens in your house or if you yourself are teen them you must have observed this Bald, spectacled man screaming on TV. Every weekend he used to come up with the most bizarre tasks and twists. He was or perhaps is the most hated mentor ever on Television. What is the reality behind his rude behavior? Is He like this in his real life too? Does he scream at his Crew and family members too?
The most hated face of Indian Television is now up with his autobiographical journey. Raghu Ram’s Rearview- My Roadies Journey. He is a lyricist, been a Cameraman and has acted as the Executive Producer at the Youth Channel of India—MTV. He’s been everything, an artist at MTV can dream off.

Roadies have been the longest Reality Series on Indian Television but as a viewer your Journey of Roadies is incomplete without this book.
Book starts with a scene where the voluptuous crowd is cheering Raghu! Raghu! And this bald, daring man seems to have a euphoric journey back to the timeline when he was just an Intern at TV18 and now the Executive Producer. He remembers how he worked weeks in that editing room. He remembers every night he spent editing those raw reels of an episode of MTV Bakra.

This book takes you on the journey of Roadies which started somewhere in 1998, when Raghu ram was just an intern at Tv18. The journey tells you about the Ups and Downs Raghu go through at Tv18 and how he gets rejected in an Interview at MTV when he returns later for a job.

The book explains Raghu, Roadies Raghu and Funny Raghu. From a thin, unfit child to the most hated personality on TV has taken almost everything from him his friends, family and his own self.
He regrets what he does at Auditions every year but he can’t help, it’s the contestants who are asking for it.
This book tells you about everything you need to do in order to build your dream from scratch; take no Shit from others and how to be the one you always wanted to be.
The tender and the sensitive narration of Raghu excites a reader makes him get goose bumps and leverages with raw experience. The task trial scenes are raw and real like Roadies and Raghu.
At the end, the book leaves you bit exhausted, disappointed because Roadies will never be the same and inspired to do things on your own terms.

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Cover of the book always helps a reader to choose a better book by providing a glance into the story even without turning the pages. The black cover with Raghu’s intimidating face portraying a scary look is just the way He and His story is. Given the book is an autobiography, the cover presents the exact essence of the story.
Rupa is one of the leading publishing houses in the country. It’s the same publishing house which publishes the novels of ChetanBhagat. They have always been keen and dedicated to quality service. Not disappointing this time too, they have maintained the proper quality of paper, editing and the formatting of the book.
You can rate Fictions but not somebody’s life. This book is an autobiography so No ratings.

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  1. The book is full of Raghu Ram's honesty, it reveals a different sude to him. The only issue with it is that you won't enjoy this until you're a Raghu Fan. Roadies Fan. Avid viewer, because the number of references made to contestants is a lot


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