Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sec 377

Before I protest I will celebrate. I will celebrate that I still can express myself without fear. I will celebrate before they snatch away that freedom of mine too. I will roam the streets with my head held high in my “western” clothes and my “morals” lose before my likes and dislikes are declared as treason against the state.

Before I protest, I will mourn. Mourn that my love now has to abide by the directives laid by the Judiciary system of my democratic country. Mourn that my country which has always had a place for invaders and foreigners now has no place for 1.2 million of its population. Mourn that instead of moving forward we are slipping back into the dark ages. But mostly I will mourn that my country rewards hypocrisy and condemns love, bravery and honesty.

After the celebrations are over and amidst my period of mourning I will protest.  My protest is not merely “pro- homosexuality” it is pro- life. It is a protest against an archaic law that snatches away the dignity and freedom of being one’s self.

I have never understood the issues people have against homosexuals. Are we really that perverted that our opinion about a person relies only on what a person does in bed? Is there nothing more to us than that? With everything that is happening in India wrong in India - poverty, oppression, discrimination, illiteracy, crime against women et al- is loving someone of your own sex that big a crime that it demands one year in the prison and lifetime of humiliation, insecurity and hurt?

Every religion has a representative who has something to say pro-sec 377. I do not know claim to understand their connection with God but I do know this- My God does not discriminate against his own children nor does he teach me to hate.  And my God definitely does not condemn men and women who are proud, honest and brave.

Religion and culture should have no place in the laws of the land. If it does, should we expect a comeback of Sati, slavery, dowry, child marriage, abolition of women’s education and rights? Should we also take away the much needed benefits that the government provide for SC, ST and OBCs? Should caste system be brought back in all its glory?

Homosexuality is neither unnatural nor abnormal. It might be outside the norm but so is being born with 6 fingers (or any other impairment, disability, birth defects) should that be criminalized too? As for being unnatural, this translates to-

1.       Animals don’t exhibit homosexual behavior.

2.        Using body parts in ways that nature clearly didn’t intend.

It has being proven animals show homosexuality too. Also if we are not supposed to use body parts in ways nature didn’t intend then we definitely should not smoke. Or have oral sex. (Or.. there is a long list that we do but are unnatural).

Furthermore, are we really looking at the animal kingdom as our guide to morality? Should we now start killing the weak ? Also, who decides what is immoral and what is not? Widow remarriages were once considered immoral. How can homo-bigotry not be immoral but homosexuality be?

Homosexuality is not a western concept. Khajuraho is a proof of it. It is a human reality. And it definitely is not a choice- who would chose to be discriminated against, humiliated and hated? It is genetics... just the way I did not choose to be brown homosexuals did not choose to be not straight.  Just the way I can’t be Caucasian no matter how hard I try, no yoga, counseling, therapies or denying will make a gay man straight.
India needs to awaken and speak up against hypocrisy, discrimination and hatred. She needs progressive laws that protect her children. You do not need to be gay to support gay rights. (just the way you do not need to be an animal to support animal rights). All we need to do is stand up against this act against love, free will and self expression. It may have nothing to do with you but it does have something to do with humanity. By the virtue of being human we are responsible for the protection of it. We must raise our voices loud enough that the parliament has no other option but to make a change. We can’t afford to forget about our 1.2 million brothers and sisters who are being branded as criminals once the media frenzy dies down. Let not age old laws takes away the right of millions to be who they are.

 If such a basic right is denied we will be committing the greatest sin of all- the sin of not choosing the path of love.



  1. Passionate and compassionate words! And very well argued for! Loved your article! :)

  2. Interesting topic. San Francisco is the gay capital of the world. My personal view is whatever they do in privacy is their own business. I like the US policy which is "don't ask don't tell". People in USA are disgusted because of their behavior because they go out of the way to publicize their sexual preference. For example – wearing a T-shirt that says: I am Gay. Kiss me. They purposely flaunt and show their affection in public. Children are watching that.

  3. Beautifully expressed..a subject that many of us tend to avoid be it out of shyness,indifference or hypocrisy..
    Its time we made our voices really heard..instead of the so called leaders of our country brain washing us and treating us like nothing more than a herd of cattle..
    Plz try and make this article reach a wider range of people...


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