Sunday, 15 December 2013

The truths of a lie

How to tell a truth from a lie?

In all the years I have grown up, the truth from lie has been separate like water from oil. But, today there’s a grey. I know of people who don’t like that colour. I somehow love it! (Half my wardrobe is grey or white). Grey is a dubious ground of a black truth or a white lie. That which belongs to neither. (However, this philosophical thought is not the reason of my affinity towards the colour. I groundlessly entertain the idea of fragmenting this colour.) 

We have today a character after all defining the all elusive Grey, (Mr. Christian Grey). I won’t be answering questions here. Especially,  not any perceptions about any philosophical doubt. But, I’ll share here, my doubts. You are welcome to share Yours’. Together perhaps, we’ll come to a common ground. A grey ground.

What hurts more? The truth.. or a lie? 

Lie, till is not discovered, is a coveted dream. It is illusive nonetheless, but soothing. And the truth... truth is harsh. Cutting. Edgy. But its the truth that heals the gash caused by lie.
Who is to say what is better. A truth of bad intent or a lie of a noble one. Who is to decide. The one who goes through? But, alas! Who asks the one who has to go through?
“When he first lied to me, he couldn’t look me in the eye. And it was easy to sense. At that time I believed we were so profoundly, intensely in love, that I could sense any change in him. I was naive. And so was he.”

Brutally, life eases You into believing, that after all, it was Your own mistake. You lacked. You should’ve known better. You should’ve have chosen better. The truth or the lie. I chose mine. And I am living with it.

“She could see the lie in my eyes then. Today, even the truth escapes her. All the lie about the truth has today taken its toll. I didn’t lose her with all the lies.
Today, I lose her, with the truth about the then lies.”

Harshly enough, life also takes the price for all of lies. By undermining the truth. “Fleeting glory of an ambiguous lie.”  The wreck that the lie builds, upon which the truth stands, falls unrecognised, only to break into a million pieces.

The distance between these two, the truth or the lie, is all muddled, unsettled, clouded, baffling, troubling, unconfirmed. And the ends, either sides are ultimate.
The lie is lie and the truth, a truth.

The finality of each, gives me a sleep in the night. Nothing less.



  1. Interesting post. More than 2000 years ago, Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar said:

    “Poimaiyum Vaaimai Yidaththa Puraitheerntha
    Nanmai Payakkum Yenin”

    (English Translation) Even a LIE can be construed as TRUTH provided if the lie can yield a flawless good thing to the all concerned.

  2. Very nice. This post was a delight! Keep it up! :D


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