Thursday, 26 December 2013

Animal Farm- A tribute


It is a story of my High School days. I was given an assignment to read a Novel and then write a synopsis of the same. The thought of reading English stuff has captivated me, since time immemorial. High School days were the days, when I was high on various aspects. The fad of Bikes kept haunting. I was high on hormones too (testosterones in particular). Friendship, first love (crush), dreams, board exams; there were many elements.

 It was a normal Sunday morning. One of my father’s friends visited us. I asked him to suggest a good novel. He said, “I have one in my mind, that I read when I was young. Don’t worry; I will bring that for you”. The very next morning, he gave me a book- “Animal Farm- George Orwell”. The first thought that struck my mind was- “It’s a thin one, I can wrap it up in two weeks”! I read that book in two weeks. It was not an easy job though; I had to refer to the dictionary pretty often.

 My friends and some of the Teachers say that the book had a deep impact on me. I would say- “Pigs are the best, Men are bad”! It was this book, which made me learn the word- “Comrade”. I would refer to some of my friends, as “Comrades”. I still remember after the Morning Prayer, the class teacher told us a thought- “We all are equal”. I quickly raised my hand and said- “All Animals are equal. But some Animals are more equal than others”! Everyone was laughing, and the teacher asked me to leave the class (I am still unaware of the reason). Whenever, the monitor put forward any resolution. I would say- “It is always the Pigs who put forward the Resolutions. The other animals understand how to vote, but could never think of any resolutions of their own”! These things made me lose some of my friends. It made me lose social company and turn into a schizoid.

 Some girls thought that I was a lunatic. Whenever I would see an animal with four legs, I would say- “Four legs good, two legs bad”! I lived in my own world, my own Shangri La! I met a guy with weird hairstyle and a sexy T-shirt, some days back. He was standing near the road. We saw a man eating “boiled eggs”. The man looked at me and said- “You know what, Man is the only creature that consumes without producing”! I intervened in the middle and said- “He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits…..”! The man smiled, “We both sail in the same boat I guess, Animal Farm”!


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