Monday, 9 December 2013

The Face-book of life

Photograph was a rarity before facebook. As and when I remember facebook I remember hundreds and thousands of faces swarming in front of my eyes. I remember them just the way they look on facebook. It might be their 10 year old snapshot or a mug shot or the pic of a baby in cradle. The baby can be their new born or sometimes their sister’s / brother’s new born. There have been incidents when I got utterly confused on seeing an image as I was not sure whether to wish them congrats on the pic or message and be sure first! Whatever you click goes in to Facebook. Everybody thinks he is an ace photographer once he receives a couple of good compliments. I am not complaining here. I am guilty myself as I click a picture and assume it has come out gorgeously! Posting and liking photographs is everyone’s priority task on FB.  

Before Facebook Photos were meant to be circulated among close friends or they were uploaded with restricted permissions. Now with huge facebook network and 1000 odd friends they are open to many to like and to post comments. Facebook deserves it’s nomenclature as it literally is the FACE-book.

Face book serves multiple purposes. It is the rant platform, the PDA (public Display of Affection) platform, the makeup and break up point, the friendship point and also a wall on which one can scribble, play around and paint his/her own graffiti all the time! Before the advent of facebook we had orkut which was not that interesting. I remember an interesting RIP Orkut image shared all over the net once people stopped using it.

Before facebook opinion was given only when asked for or when it is important. Now everyone gives an opinion on anything and everything and facebook acts as a catalyst when they want to express it as it is exposed to a huge audience.  The age old adage that “Opinions are like noses. Everyone has one,” is proven every day on facebook. Before facebook, friend’s circle was a close knitted one. Now everyone has minimum 200+ friends and their details are tough to track and remember. Before Facebook a 9-11 year old kid was not too much involved in online friendships. Now frand-shipping is an easy peasy task which will be shipped to your Face book profile on your laptop seconds after you accept the friend request .

Facebook has its pros and cons. Folks around the world spend 17-18 hrs. out of 24hrs on facebook provided they sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Half of the time you spend on facebook is unproductive but many people have benefitted from facebook too. Organisations, entrepreneurs , bloggers, writers, artists and every one can use face book as the marketing platform and trust me it works wonders. 

There are scenarios where a lady who runs a small scale cupcake business flourished and earned a lot due to facebook usage.  Facebook is the messiah for many who want to gain fame in a fast and furious style. However if you don’t have potential at all the fame won’t last long. Facebook has seen such downfalls too where few fan pages and organisations became dormant after some 1000+ likes. Liking something or someone was a cautious act before facebook. With the advent of facebook poking a person and poking one’s nose in to others day to day activities has become a daily routine and a like has become an involuntary reaction. It is like people click the like button in trance!

I have written numerous articles on Facebook and have made cartoons too. For now I want to share with you the best of all - a poem which I recently wrote. Whatever I wrote below portrays how life is closely intertwined with social network. The below poem written by me summarises what is life with face book.

Face Book of Life

Facebook has to do multiple tasks.
In the glory of his success someone basks.
His failure is tackled in its nook and corner.
His friends may have to be put on the back burner!

Life’s matters are seriously discussed here.
You are free to give badges of honour and smear.
From disheartening politicians to peers.
Even others’ status messages and their fears.

There is no such thing which is not important.
You are free to express your opinion in the form of rant.
You are free to reply to others on your wall.
You smile at the pleasure of the graffiti hurting your pal!

Facebook makes everyone go in to your friends list.
You feel it is the clear vision you have when there is no mist.
Once, love was expressed face to face and from eyes to eyes.
Hatred was under the wraps as it was thought to be wise!

Everything is the topic of the day.

Updating the status on face book is a child's play.
Topics vary from a person’s accent to his dressing sense.
Facebook is the hangout for every nonsense!

Facebook is the crystal ball to see your future.
Facebook is the hobby which you want to nurture.
Facebook is an outlet for good deeds which is a paradox.
Facebook is an everyday Pandora’s Box!

Life is so easy now; the world is in your fist.
Everything is told here if not in detail at least in gist.
Ultimately every one decides who and what is worthy.
And I am still contemplating if this is share worthy ;- ) ? 

“You feel like having greenery in the blue ground.

You don’t want to hide behind a wall, you want to be found.

If you are unheard, you make a lot of sound.

You shout in a rage or cry as if you got a wound.

Then there come the fans and the fellows, one after the other in a round.

These figures are better than your savings. You can smile and turn around!”

I can say how things were before facebook but can’t even predict how things will be after face book as life without facebook doesn’t seem to be a plausible scenario!



  1. Thanks for the wonderful post on Facebook. One more thing we have to be careful all the time is our employers are looking at our pages on a daily basis – our friends, the photos we upload, etc. etc. I don't know about India. It happens here in USA.

    1. They do here too :) and I feel its the same every where. When ever a person knows another person professionally well enough he gets curious to know about his personal life. I actually restrict many even if I add them from my office :p
      I appreciate ur regularity in reading the blogs and I double appreciate as u take time to comment SG


  2. Wonderful and apt post. FB is good provided we use it judiciously.

    1. Thanks Kalpana !
      Thanks for regularly reading and acknowledging

  3. My friend mentioned to me your blog, so I thought I’d read it for myself. Very interesting insights, will be back for more!
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