Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 tips for Blogging

Blogging is essentially a form of communication. One has something to say and the other wants to read. Blogs are a virtual and simple form of offline communication. People write to share, and read to accept what is shared and how it’s shared, express opinion and discuss. So what does it take to write a blog content that reaches all and sundry. That tugs at the strings of the heart of Your readers.

The misconception that blog writing is an elixir for skilled writers, is a myth. Today, anyone makes it to the most popular blogs list. Blogs that have gained repute and following include blogs by famous artists to the ones by jail inmates behind the bars. Therefore, we can safely conclude the fact that the Blog content is not restricted to the narrow confines of a proficient writer. You only need to have a story and a heart to say it out loud. All of us writers are looking to write a post that gains us both popularity and/or critical acclaim.

Well to each its own, but here we have a few tips  to make blogs effective and engaging:

1.       True story: Be anything but untruthful. You can creatively explore the post but don’t distort the truth. It can get You a temporary audience but a near permanent dislike. Blogs are revered if are authentic.

2.         Catch the phrases: Use catchy phrases, use the phrases that will be caught in the brain-mesh of Your reader and tugged in their for a while longer than a simple sentence. Think of that annoying little tune that sometimes sticks in Your brain for an entire day. 

3.       Click-Click: Adorn Your blog console with impactful pictures of your content. Let it leave a mark on Your readers. Don’t overdo ofcourse. Stick to a minimum number of images and summarise your story in it.

4.       The spread: The main course ofcourse. Imagine having an amazing entre and then being served an ordinary meal. Disappointing. Period. Don’t disappoint. The story that you wanted to broadcast is the life of it all. Let it be a spectacle. Write a story not with precision but with emotion. Let Your readers well up. Blog writing is an art. Practice it.

5.       Evidence: If the story can be, then back it up with facts. Numbers. Statistics. It authenticates Your tale. Ups your score with brownie points.

6.       Don’t: Don’t copy. Plagiarism is looked down upon. Especially if the post goes viral and then it’s discovered that aspects were copied. Imagine the shame. You’ll be once hit and left wondering. And don’t use incorrect grammar. Try and do your homework. We have tons of self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi’s who would attack the post before it even spreads. You don’t want to be a famous “Popular Blog” for the wrong reasons.

7.       Off-track. An idea! : The inspiration sometimes comes not from being entirely  lost on Your work station but by doing something entirely detached.  Anais Nin “My greatest ideas usually come not at my desk writing bit in the midst of living.” So go live J

8.       Quote-unquote: If You are using a quote of a famous personality, quote them. Always. Quote’s due. And also ‘cause chances are the quote will be ‘googled ‘ by your readers. And...

9.       Format: The formation of the text should be readable. No unnecessary editing and colouring. 

10.   The end: In conclusion...uhuh! Error. Don’t conclude. Don’t be decisive. Leave it open ended. Open for discussion. Speculations. Invite opinions, reactions, sentiment, judgments. Create a stir.  And anyway there is always a scope for improvement.  

Swati Kaushik

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