Sunday, 22 March 2015

Beach vs Hills

Setting my foot ahead on
The vast bed of velvety, allaying sand
 With its each and every speck
  It  healed my soul
 I felt born again.
Recovering from my lingering anguish.

Well, standing on the beach, listening to the waves whispering in an uncanny tone and witnessing the sun setting down in unfathomable water, turning it all dazzling orange by its touch, stirs your heart. It makes you wonder if you have ever been the part of this materialistic world.  People often complain that beaches make them sad..Alone..Depressed. yeah!!They do that sometimes*conditions apply if you do not want to come out of your problem. But the sea, once casts its spell, you start embracing your solitude. It drowns your uneasy, edgy thoughts with its great wide sounds and imposes a rhythm upon everything in you which is bewildered and confused. Pardon, if the confusion is about giving scores to most sensuous damsel, Your buddies can help you better in this matter. Spare the beach.

There is nothing more beautiful than the touch of the sea, enfolding the body and its warmth absolutely melts your heart. It’s never ending peculiarity makes it similar to our desires in more composed way.  But the shore line, beach symbolizes stability, reigning our longings.

I know words are not enough to sum up the beaches unless you are there and make castle of your dreams. It’s actually makes you put your whole life into perspective.

One more marvel of nature #Hills

“Thousands of fired, nerve –shaken, over civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains and hills is going home, that wildness is necessity.”                                                    John Muir

My recent trip to Nepal made me realize that I am a person of the awe inspiring hills. To me the most impressive of all the terrestrial manifestation of god.  They provide the ‘deja-vu’ missing out in one’s life.
If there is one word to describe hills, it would be gorgeous. Its bewitching beauty and the serenity of the picturesque landscape somehow help in sorting out what’s important in life. They deny our being supreme, fallacy and pose profound question about our durability and importance of our plans, which seems bigger –than-anything .They induce, modesty in us I guess.

They illuminate us to face every situation in life be it rosy or bleak and to stand reverent, kindling enthusiasm. Divinely, they put our trust in greater forces. This is the reason why we find powerful solace in them. 
Unfortunately, we exist in the world which is so humanly arranged and controlled. One forgets that there are environments which do not respond to the flick of a switch or the twist of a dial, which have their own rhythm and orders of existence.  Beaches and hills both are one of those examples which correct this amnesia.

We cannot compare the pleasure. Beaches let you walk bare foot and hills demand you to tighten your shoe laces. Yet both leave you wondering, what a great artist God is. Indeed.


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